Thursday, 29 January 2015

50 Random facts about me...


I wanted a way for you to get to know me, so I've decided to 50 random facts about me...

1.  I collect any movie that comes in a franchise.... all except The Hunger Games!!

2.  I love all things Irish!! The Irish culture, the people and the food!

3. I love One Direction (Please don't hold it against me)

4.  My favorite movies are Twilight Saga, Notting Hill, Monsters Inc, Finding nemo,
and Mary Poppins.

5. I know more about cars than most people (perks of having a mechanic for a dad) and I could 
probably diagnosis the problem of the car. 

6. My favorite TV shows are One Tree Hill, Fast n Loud, Gossip Girl and Revenge.

7.  My favorite color is purple.

8.  I love nature photography.

9.  I am an only child.

10. I will only wear silver jewellery. No gold at all!

11.  I love winter. You can give me the cold and rainy weather all year round. 

12.  I HATE clowns!!! I can't and won't explain!

13. I have an OCD about alphabetizing everything. Books, cd's, dvd's the works!

14. And I color code everything too. 

15.  I have a crazy sense of humor. I never miss an episode of Ridiculousness on MTV! I actually get tummy pains from laughing so hard at people falling. 

16.  I have the mouth of a sailor at home, but when I'm out I behave like an impeccably brought up young lady!

17.  I only wear Jeans, Tees and Vans... That's my uniform, you could say!

18.  I collect scarves... I have about 50, if I'm not mistaken.

19.  I only have one best friend. Her name is Christine and she is my person, my exit buddy and 
partner in crime! 

20.  I'm a sports fanatic. I love F1, Golf and rugby! My favorites are Vettel, Rory Mcilroy and
the Sharks.

21.  I love vanilla candles.

22. I'm obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey and can't wait for the movie! 

23.  My celeb crushes are Niall Horan, Collin Farrell, Johnny Depp, Channing Tatum,
Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson!

24.  I love old cars. My favorite is a 1968 Dodge Charger Hemi!

25. I have a crazy obsession with Zedd and Selena Gomez! And yes I am happy they 
are kinda together! (sorry don't like beiber)

26.  I'd rather have something salty than something sweet.

27.  I long to have a white Christmas, with snow and the cold.

28.  You will most definitely find me on the couch with a book or watching a dvd on 
the weekends!

29.  I love playing racing games and I kinda kick ass :)

30.  I love collecting fonts. I have about 400 on my laptop. 

31.  I love guys with tattoos.

32.  I've never been overseas. But I have family in London, New Zealand and Canada.

33.  My favorite food is anything with spinach and feta! Pizza, pies or pasta, you name it
and I will eat it!

34.  My favorite fast food is Nandos!!

35.  My favorite actresses are Kristen Stewart, Meryl Streep, Helen Mirren and Michelle Rodriguez!

36.  My favorite actors are Robert Pattinson, Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp and Paul Walker.

37.  I know all the words to Cars 1+2, Planes 1+2 and How to train your dragon. 
Thanks Robs... :)

38.  I'm a Pisces and I love all things mystical and whimsical. 

39.  I sleep in the superman position, and so does Robs. 

40.  My favorite songs are One Direction - What makes you beautiful & Story of my life,
Queen Bohemian Rhapsody, and Journey's Sherry & Don't Stop Believing!

41.  I'm a trained makeup artist but I only do makeup for family and close friends.

42.  My favorite flavor of ice cream is Tin Roof from Woolies.

43.  I mostly shop at Mr Price and Edgars!

44.  I have a special place in my heart for Jeffreys Bay! Robbie was born there and 
it will always be my second home!

45.  My dream job is to take old furniture and refurbish it. 

46.  I have an obsession with dragonflies and dreamcatchers, hence the name of my blog.
I make my own dreamcatchers and I got a dragonfly silver necklace for Christmas in 2011.

47.  I read oracle cards.

48.  I have never and will never eat peanut butter! Eww!!!!

49.  I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

50.  My name comes from the actress who played Bobby's daughter in Dallas, Shalane McCall.

And that's about that. Please share your random facts with me, I would love to learn more about you!

 This is me and Robbie...

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