Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Colour Personality ~ Red

RED... This colour is associated with love, passion and courage. If RED is your favorite colour, ten to one, you have a very confident personality.

Here are some of the traits of Red lovers...

You love to be physically active. Sex is very important to you.

You love to be the center of attention.

You radiate a lot of good energy.

You are competitive and love to win!

You have a grounded attitude and gain a lot of respect.

Lovers of red are the pioneers of the world.

You are not afraid to peruse your dreams and goals.

Patience is not one of your strong points as you are always on the go.

You never procrastinate. You get things done!

You are a hard worker.  

You are not religious but you participate in rituals you love. 

You have a strong need for power and control.

You are a know-it-all, cause you don't want to appear unintelligent.

You are good at getting the job done on time.

You always want things, but because of your short attention span, you move on to the next thing quickly if you don't get it.

You have an over active ego and can appear over confident at times.

Wondering how many of you Red lover are shaking your head right now....

Next I'll bring you  ORANGE colour traits.

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