Friday, 13 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Last night I went with my good friend, Amore, to watch the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. Now as everyone knows, the movie is never really as good as the book.  Yes I have to admit some things are totally different from the book, like the moving to Seattle, but other than that I thought the movie was damn hot!

Yeah they did rush it in the beginning, I think they could have made the movie a little bit longer, and taken more time to build the chemistry between Ana and Christian. But I honestly enjoyed the movie. It was so good, I want to watch it again! 

Ok, so lets talk about the actors, cause there was huge concern worldwide that Jamie and Dakota were not going to portray the characters correctly. Seriously, what a load of hogwash!! Dakota was so Ana. From her mannerisms to the way she looked. She brought the character to life and I honestly can't wait for the rest of the movies to see how she develops more into Ana. She was funny and that lightened the whole movie. 

As for Jamie, he has always been my choice for Christian. He has the "Christian" look about him. I know some people think he wasn't convincing enough, but I honestly think there you should blame the script writer. They honestly didn't give him enough running dialogue, just short bursts of words.  But I honestly can't see anyone playing Christian. Jamie is and will always be my Christian. The look in Jamie's eyes, it's exactly how I imagined Christian to be!

And now for the sex scenes, that everyone was waiting to see. This movie has a total 20 minutes of sex scenes, but nothing hardcore. And honestly that's fine. What you saw left enough to the imagination, and if you are like me, your imagination was running wild! I never expected this to be a porn movie, as most critics would have wanted, but there definitely was enough to make you horny. 

Like I said in the beginning, the story line felt rushed, like they wanted so badly to get to the intimate scenes, and I would have liked them to slow down just a tad bit. But other than that I love this movie and I can't wait to see Fifty Shades Darker and Freed.

Okay and seriously all of you who say that this is a abuse and shit, you need to go to the cinema and book a ticket! There is nothing abusive about the relationship between Ana and Christian. Oh and you, I'm to holy to watch this book, go book one too. You might just enjoy it! Just remember people find pleasure however they like, who the hell are you to judge. Oh and buy the books too, cause then when you can look past all the bondage, chains and whips, you will see this is a story about a guy who is "Fifty shades of fucked up"  and a woman who unexpectedly makes him realize that he is worthy of real love. And you will see how their relationship grows from strength to strength. 

Oooh and the soundtrack really makes this movie even more enjoyable! Ellie Goulding, The Weekend and some golden oldies like Frank Sinatra and Annie Lennox.

As Christian would say.... Laters Baby

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