Tuesday, 10 March 2015

21 Lessons for my son

My dearest Robbie

You are turning 5 in a month and I want to thank you for being the light in my life. This road we have traveled together has not been an easy one but not a day goes by that I don't laugh at you antics and just want to squeeze you so tight. At many times in my life, you were the only thing in my life that made sense. You will never know how grateful I am to have you. I can't wait to see the man you become, strong and independent yet lovable and kind. Mommy wants to share with you some life lessons, that will guide you along the way.

1. Always be honest.

My love, in this life, being honest and staying true to your word will make you the better person. Always make promises you can keep and keep them.

2. Two wrongs never make a right.

As much as you want to get back at someone for doing you a wrong, taking the high road, shows you are the bigger person and that you have integrity.

3. Dream Big!

Not big, huge! Dream the unimaginable things for yourself and then make them happen. You only live once.

4. Love

My baby, love with every fiber of your being. Love the people in your life, love your animals and most importantly love yourself!

5. Respect others

Sometimes people might not deserve your respect, but the people who do, deserve it. Be kind and give your seat to the elderly lady or the pregnant lady. Open doors for women and most of all never lift your hand to a woman.

6. Never be afraid to leave

If you feel that the time has come to leave and start a new adventure, go for it my baby. Spread your wings and live your life. Adventures are good for you, they help you grow as a person!

7. Always take responsibility for your actions

When you have done something wrong, own up and take responsibility for what you have done. Be a man who can say he was wrong and apologize. Learn from your mistakes. Life is the best teacher.

8. Never stop learning

There will never be a time when you can not learn something new. Study and pursue new things always. Do as many degrees as you want. Just keep your mind open.

9. Be Independent

You need to know how to look after yourself my angel. How to cook and clean for yourself, and even how to sew a button back on your shirt. I will be there to teach you all I know, so you can proudly do it on your own.

10. Never be pressured into anything

In our day and age, we are always pressured into doing things we don't want to do. Be a leader my baby. Take a stand and do the right thing, don't just do things cause your friends are doing them. If that makes them turn their backs on you, they don't deserve to be your friend. Learn to say NO!

11. Learn to accept NO for an answer

People are going to say no, and the rejection will hurt, but don't let it turn you into a hateful person. Understand that people have their reasons for saying No. Also never pressure a girl into doing things you want to do. When a girl says No the answer is No.

12. Always be well groomed

No one wants to be around someone who isn't clean. Groom yourself regularly and buy yourself a sexy fragrance. Wear it every day. Apply moisturizer to your skin.  Look after yourself.

13. Be happy

Look for the happiness in everything you do. If it doesn't make you happy, don't do it.

14. Appreciate the small moments in life...

...cause one day they will be the big things. The laughs we share and the hugs we receive will always be more valuable than the fancy house and car.

15. Be there for others

Show your support for the people in your life. Cheer them on, and do things for them that count. Just make sure they know you are there for them.

16. Be grateful everyday

Wake up every morning an give thanks for another day you get to live your life. Be thankful for the people who make your life worthwhile.

17. Protect yourself

Always, always protect yourself. Never put yourself in situations where you could get yourself harmed or in situations where you would have to live with the consequences for the rest of your life.

18. Believe in yourself

There is nothing greater than a man who believes in himself, a man who knows his own worth and abilities. Know and trust that you can do whatever you want to my angel.

19. Be the Good Guy

Always be kind, always be helpful and remember chivalry is not dead. Open the door for the lady, never hoot in front of her house and volunteer at charities.

20. You are important

My baby, remember you are important, to me, oupa and ouma. You are important to all the people who love and care about you. You will always be my number 1 priority. I will always be here for you.

21. I will always LOVE you!

Never will a day go by that I won't love you. You are a part of me, the very best part of me and I can't imagine my life without you in it. You are the only one who knows what my heartbeat sounds like from the inside and I will always treasure you.

My little baby boy, as long as you keep these lessons in your mind, I know you will be the best man you can be. Strong, independent and kind.

With all my love

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