Monday, 16 March 2015

28 Goals for 28

Eeeek!!! Can't believe I'm 28 today! I honestly don't feel it. It seems cliche but I still feel like I'm 23. Anyway! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. And to anyone else celebrating their birthday today!

Here are a list of goals I want to achieve this year!

  1. Be the best mommy I can be for Robbie.
  2. Live in the moment
  3. Take more time out for myself
  4. Find the right diet and exercise for me
  5. Make a success of my blog
  6. Read more!!
  7. Take better blog photos
  8. Spend a day at a spa
  9. Start refurbishing antique furniture
  10. Find a pen pal overseas
  11. Travel more!
  12. Especially to Ireland and Britain
  13. Go to more concerts
  14. Make more life long friends
  15. Start my jewellery line
  16. Volunteer at the animal shelter more
  17. Take Robbie out more to the cinema alone, for quality time.
  18. Meditate
  19. Learn to speak French
  20. Spend day with my best friend at the theme park
  21. Get a moleskin diary for all my ideas
  22. Watch 3 movies in a row at the cinema!
  23. Go to the HoliOne Colour Festival
  24. Take photos everyday for a year
  25. See a professional ballet performance
  26. Start a family tradition
  27. Say thank you more often
  28. Find Mr Right
Have you set any goals for yourself ? I would love to hear about them! 

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