Friday, 20 March 2015

HERE TO STAY ~ Josh Devine and Ollie Green

I haven't had a song to obsess over in quiet a while but I do now! I just featured it in my Friday 5 Here! But this song is amazing!!

The song in question is HERE TO STAY from Josh Devine and Ollie Green.

If you are a fan of One Direction, you will know who Josh Devine is, he is their drummer for as long as I can remember. But I have to admit that I never knew he could sing like this. His voice is perfect, not to mention his drumming skills, wow!

Ollie Green is a music producer, singer and songwriter from England. His voice is just as magical.

These two music geniuses have collaborated before on Fight for You, and it's just as amazing! Please have a listen and follow them on Twitter here, Josh and Ollie !!

You can Pre-Order HERE TO STAY on iTunes now!

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