Thursday, 19 March 2015

What makes a guy sexy?

Sometime in your life, whether you were 15 or 25, you have thought about what the “perfect” guy means to you? I honestly believe no one is perfect, but we all know what we want in a guy, right? Some want a guy with lots of money, some only go for the looks and there are some who just want a guy to be with no matter what he looks like or how much money he has. We all have a type. Whether it's the blond hair blue eyes god or the dark hair dark eyes mysterious guy, we all have a type. 

I want to share with you what I find sexy in a guy and it isn't all surface qualities. So let’s get them out of the way. I have always gone for the guys with the blue eyes. I have an obsession with them. Well I actually have an obsession with eyes in particular. I could get lost in a guy’s eyes. I’m not too concerned about the hair colour, though blond definitely does it for me. But as long as the eyes are blue, I’m hooked. He has to be well built, but not overly “muscled”. Definitely no Johnny Bravo types for me thanks! 

Ok now for the personality. This is where things get deep because I’m quiet picky with how a guy acts and behaves.  My ex always pretended to be this great guy in the beginning, but as the relationship developed, he turned into a real asshole.  I want a guy who is genuine from beginning to end. Whether he is with his friends or family, he must treat me exactly the same as when we are alone.

Sense of humor

I want a guy who has a sense of humor. Someone who sees the funny side in all things. I have a very naughty and weird sense of humor. When I am down, the first thing I do is go on YouTube and watch fail videos. For me laughter is the best medicine. I also know who to tell naughty jokes and need a guy who understands that I will make these jokes most of the time. If you don’t like laughing then we will definitely not get along.


I want a guy who knows how to handle his business. A guy, who doesn't go around blaming others for his problems. He takes responsibility and man’s up to the problems in his life. He must work for his money and not have to depend on others.

Looks after himself

I know I’m going to contradict myself here but I want a guy who looks after himself. You know, gets regular haircut’s, shaves and baths every day. But I also like the surfer dude look, shaggy hair and stubble. Oh gosh, I just definitely contradicted myself, hehe.

Family man

This is a big one, I want a guy who values family. He must love his family and wants to spend time with them. He must also want to get to know my family. He has to understand that my dad is a pillar in my life and he has to get along with him. If they get along well, I will be happy.


I want a guy who knows how to respect woman and his elders. These days respect is very hard to find. A guy must greet people properly, with a firm handshake. He must be kind and helpful. And know that chivalry is not dead.

Be good with kids

I want a guy that isn't going to run away when I tell him I have a child. He must be willing to stick around and get to know my son. I’m not saying he must want to take the role of my son’s dad, but he must be good with kids. He must also understand that I will never choose him over my son. We do things together or we don’t do them.

Lastly I just want a guy who is going to stick around. Not someone who is going to leave when the going gets tough. Someone who will be my rock and anchor.

What do you find sexy in a guy? 

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