Wednesday, 29 April 2015

10 fun ways to stop feeling down...

We have all had those days, right? You wake up sad and instead of feeling happy, you feel like you have all the world’s problems on your shoulders. Unfortunately there isn't any conclusive answer as to why we feel this way but there are ways to feel better. Now I’m not talking about your classic psychology tips on feeling better, but rather fun ways, ways that you can enjoy.

Surround yourself with positive people

Have you ever felt when you are around people who are always depressed, you too start to get depressed? Well it might be time to change this. Go out to a happy place and make new friends with people who like to laugh and have fun.

Listen to music

This might seem a cliche but, when you feel really down, turn up the volume. But don’t just put you phone or iPod on shuffle, as sad songs will creep in, rather create a playlist with happy songs. Then put on your earphones and turn up the bass. Soon you will be dancing and forgetting about your sadness.

Spend time with kids and pets

Kids don’t know sadness, unless it’s a broken toy, which means they are always laughing. Spending time with kids is a sure fire way to brighten up your mood. They will jump on you and make you forget about being sad. And pets, well they are always happy to interact with humans, especially dogs. Just taking them out for a run or playing on the grass, again will make you forget.


Okay, I know this can be a drag, but sending your metabolism into overdrive will definitely cheer you up. It will also make you forget about whatever is making you sad. Try running on the treadmill or pumping some weights. You will be happier and stronger. Plus there will probably be cute guys/girls to drool over.

Watch fail videos on YouTube

If you aren't one to gym, then why not grab you phone or iPad and watch fail videos on YouTube. When I am down, this is a sure fire way to get me happier again, no fail! Watching skateboarders failing down stairs or drunk guys trying to walk, is the best way to forget about being sad.


If even the fail videos aren't working for you, then maybe get lost in a book, where fantasy usually is better than reality. Whether it is romance or fiction, just get lost in a book.

Take a long, hot shower/bath

Run the bath full of water and bubble bath and just submerge yourself in it. Forget about why you are sad and just drift off into a fantasy world. Or if you aren't one for baths, then climb under a hot shower and let the water cascade off your head. Basically washing away the sadness. Sing if you feel like it, but just relax.

Make a gratitude list

Being thankful for what you have is another way to be happy again. Sometimes when we feel down, we tend to forget what we have in our lives, when we should rather be grateful for them. You could be grateful for whatever, your family and friends, but just being grateful is happiness in itself.

Look at the clouds

If the weather permits, take a blanket outside and have a look at the clouds. When we were little, we used to look up at the clouds, then make shapes with them. Now when I look at the clouds and sky, I realize just how tiny we are in this huge world, and that no matter what I should be happy.

Take a nap

If all else fails, take a nap, right there outside. (just make sure you are in the shade) You will feel a million times better and when you wake up you will realize you were down for nothing.

Do you have any ways to get out of a slump? I would love to hear about them.

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