Wednesday, 1 April 2015

20 Things I'd never be caught doing

I love sharing things about myself and when I found this on Cal's blog, here, (you can tell I really love her blog :) I thought it would be so awesome to do. So here is my list of the things I'd never be caught doing.

1. Eating peanut butter...

That stuff is vile! And it gets stuck to the top of your mouth. Eeeeew!

2. Loving hot weather.

Even though I would do anything to live by the coast, I still hate the heat. I'm a winter baby through and through.

3. Being fake.

I hate people who pretend to like you but then talk about you when you are not around. I never want people like that around me. I will always be straight forward with you. If I don't like you, I will tell you straight away.

4. Drinking Alcohol.

I have only drunken once in my life and that was on my 26th birthday and I never wanna do it again. I know I can have fun without it and don't need it to make life better.

5. Taking Drugs.

What is all they hype about? If you want a high go ride a roller coaster or something else but intoxicating your body like that is disgusting.

6. Smoking.

I have honestly never ever tried a cigarette. Look it's your choice if you want to but I know most guys find it just plain ugly when women smoke.

7. Watching crime series.

What's the point? There is already so much violence in our world and you still want to watch it when you are meant to be relaxing?

8. Going hunting.

Another pointless thing. You shoot an animal just to make a trophy of his head? Sorry but I love animals and would never hurt them.

9. Using more products than needed.

I like things simple and using 500 different products to do something that one product could do is a waste of time and money. Research and find alternatives.

10. Eating olives.

The taste.... I have no need to explain.

11. Cheating on my partner.

This is a huge no no. I love my mom but she did this to my dad and I honestly still haven't forgiven her for it.

12. Stuck up people.

Don't act like you are better than me or anyone else. We are all equal no matter our race, religion or the amount of money we make.

13. Choosing anyone above my son.

My son will always be my first priority!

14. Sleeping totally covered in bed, one foot always has to be out.

I know we have all watched Paranormal Activity but I still need to feel cold in order to fall asleep.

15. Watching an action comedy.

What the hell genre is that in anyway? It's either laugh or action but definitely not together.

16. Being the center of attention.

No I'm rather the one sitting with a group of friends laughing at how the "center of attention" is making an utter arse of themselves.

17. Without my dragonfly necklace.

It's like a little piece of me already. I actually feel lost without it.

18. Driving around at night.

Sorry but this honestly scares me. I wanna be home and safe thanks.

19. Not loving One Direction.

Since seeing them live, I have fallen more in love with them. They are the best.

20. Wearing heels.

I hate those freaking things. I don't care what you say about how they make your legs look good, all they are good for are sore feet and trying to break your neck. No thanks give me sneakers any day.

I hope you enjoyed that. Let me know what are some of the things you will never be caught doing?

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