Thursday, 9 April 2015

5 things I learnt about myself at breaking point!

Last week I was severally tired, so tired that I was at breaking point. As I was sitting outside trying to calm myself, I came to a few conclusions about myself. It’s honestly amazing what you can discover about yourself when you are on the verge of your mental limits.

Everything that can go wrong will go wrong

It’s just Murphy’s Law. You are down and stressed and nothing will go right. Just when you think you have had all life can throw at you, something else happens.

 I have absolutely no patience

Generally I’m a very impatient person. If we decide on a time and you show up late, I wont even talk to you. But what I realised, when I was on the verge of a break down, was that I’m even more impatient. Even if you are one minute late, I will blow my lid.

I get extremely emotional

I always wear my heart on my sleeve but at this point on Monday, I was crying when the wind blew the wrong way. I was crying for things that didn't even matter, for people I missed that I didn't even know and just crying for no reason at all.

I give up the will to fight

I was so upset on Monday, cause I was late and everything else, but when I really just looked at the situation, I just gave up. No matter how hard I wanted to fight and scream, my body said “No!”

All I need to calm me down is music, a blanket and a hug

My mom is the first to recommend tablets when I get stressed, and usually I would take it, but this time I just hugged my dad, got my earphones and went to bed. That was the best medicine ever.

This was the lowest I've ever felt, and I honestly never thought I would get so down on myself. But I learnt a good few things, things I will never forget. Have you ever realize things about yourself when you were on the verge of a breakdown?


  1. I feel like that's me. All of it!
    — DT

  2. Thanks for your comment. I know right? Things just seem like they don't want to get better. Have a lovely day


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