Saturday, 11 April 2015

Friends with your EX?

You have seen it in every teen drama from the 00’s till now. Boy and girl in love, they have a fight, break up and then are all of a sudden super best friends. Even MTV has two hit shows involving ex’s (Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach). I don’t know about you but I could never do that. I’m a firm believer that if you are friends with your ex after your break up, you never really loved that person to being with. 

I have to be honest, when my ex left me, a huge part of me wanted to keep him close. Even if it was just as friends. But as the months passed, I realised that by being his friend, I would have to see him be with other girls. Loving them and being like we used to be. I just couldn't do it. I loved him too much to see him with someone else.

I’m happy I did do that because I spared myself the hurt and pain. He meet someone so soon after we separated, and my heart would have been crushed. Not that it wasn't but it wasn't so painful. I’ll also say that he also cut all ties with me. I believe that he did that so that he would have to put me through more pain than I was already going, but I will never know.

Today as I sit here writing this post, I think about if at this stage of my life, would I be able to be friends with him? The answer is maybe. Maybe yes because there are some days where I don’t how I've gotten on without him for so long and other days no because I hate what he has done to me and Robbie. To think that he moved on so quick and had two kids with another woman kills me and I know in my heart of hearts that I could never be friends with him.

I know many people feel different about it and if you can make it work with just being friends with your ex, I honestly envy you. In a perfect world, we could all be friends with our ex’s, but this world isn't perfect.

Have you made it work as friends with your ex? I would love to know.

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