Thursday, 16 April 2015

Letter to my younger self...

Dear Shalane

I’m writing this letter to you from the future. I know, spooky stuff, right? But I promise you it is real. It’s kinda cool here but as you can expect life has its ups and downs. I wanted to give you some advice, if just to make your journey a little smoother. Some of the things might not make sense now but I promise in the future they will.

So there you sit a 16 year old and I can tell you know you don’t know what you want to do with your life. If I can give you one solid piece of advice? STUDY. Do as many different courses as possible. It will help you in your life, I promise. You are creative, so study Interior Design, believe me it is what you want to do.

You hold a lot against mom. For what she did to dad but also what she did to you. Smurf, it is time to let go. Mom is only human. You will never understand why she made the decision she did, but she is your mom and she will help you a lot in the future.

You are going to meet a guy, you will think he is the one but he is not. Although you love him with all your heart, he does not love you the same. You will have a child with him and unfortunately he will decide that is not what he wants. Please understand that, again you will never know why he made that decision, but don’t hate him. One day he will have to answer to God why he did what he did. You need to concentrate on Robbie and be strong for him. Always understand that he was what you needed in that specific time. And also remember the memories you shared with him. Accept that you will always love him.

Love our crazy family. I know they drive us insane but they love you no matter what. They are always there for you and that will never change. Call them once in a while and keep contact with them, even if it is through Facebook.

You will meet your best friend through an amazing band. She will become someone you can depend on, the one who understands your soul. You will do spectacular things together. Value her and make sure she knows how much she means to you. Other friends will come and go but she will forever be by your side. You will both obsess over this band that brought you together, and no matter what anyone says never stop loving them. 

Love Dad. He will be your pillar of strength through everything you will go through. He will be by your side when things get tough and he will love Robbie to the moon and back. Dad isn't always going to be there. So love him and accept that he is getting old.

Lastly Smurf, I want to tell you not to stress and worry. Just go with the flow. Time heals all wounds and I know you will find your feet. Just learn to be patient and calm. Oh and remember face cream on your face and neck. You are amazing and you need to see it like everyone else.

Lots of love

Your older self.

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