Saturday, 25 April 2015

Things that really make you beautiful inside

You have seen it right? The supermodel on the front of the magazine. Long legs, flowing hair and skinny as hell. At some point in our lives we all want to be that girl. Whether you were 16, 26 or even 30.  You might have thought about changing your hair colour and getting your breast size increased. Thinking that is the only way that you truly be happy and that a guy will fall in love with you? Right? WRONG!! There is nothing wrong with you. The only wrong thing is society and their screwed up values of what they think me want. 

Do you ever stop to ask a guy what he really wants in a woman? The girl you think they all want, the one with the boobs and long legs, that’s just a fantasy. The right guy is going to love you no matter the size you wear or the length of your hair. He will love you for who you are inside. Now I can hear you… “What’s on the inside?” That’s your personality and the way you act. So here is a little list for you about the things that guys look for in a woman.


A guy want a women who he can hold a conversation with. Someone who knows what is going on in the world. Who can have a heated debate with him and who can hold her own. He definitely doesn't want someone who is only going to talk about shoes and handbags. If you can talk about sport and know exactly how the game works you will win all the way.


If you can laugh at yourself as well as with the boys, believe me you are in.  Guys want girls who can take a joke as well as a girl who can make a joke. Just don’t be too crude unless they like it.


Guys will like any girl who is confident. If you know what you want and know what you have to do to get it you will attract any guy you want no matter your looks. You need to be happy with your body the way it is and love yourself.


Being loving and caring towards others and yourself will make any guy attracted to you. Knowing that everyone is facing a battle that you are unaware of and showing compassion will show a guy how you will treat his friends and family. Be kind and loving with yourself and others.

Knowing who you are

You have goals and ambition. You know what you want and are not afraid to go and get it. Sometimes some guys will be scared of women with ambition, but those guys have issues of their own and you shouldn’t give them the time of day. Focus on your goals and the right guy will come along and want to make sure you achieve them.

Being content

Being happy and content with the way your life is. Taking responsibility for where you are in your life. When a guy sees you are content he knows that you know where you are going in life. Guys don’t want girls who are not satisfied with their lives.

Having a wild streak

If you can show that even though you have dreams and goals, you can still let your hair loose and go out and have fun, you will definitely have the guy in the bag. Be a sport and join them on the field when they are playing a game of touch rugby or cricket. Don’t be the stuck up chick sitting next to the field complaining. Have fun and your relationship will be fun and not work.

If you are asking the info above comes from my guy friends. Some who have long term relationships and others who are still looking for the girl of their dreams. What do you think makes a girl beautiful and do you agree with what they have said here?

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