Monday, 4 May 2015

A Dating App Story & how to stay safe

This is my 100th post… I honestly can’t believe I have stuck with it for so long. But I’m super happy I have. Thank you to all of you have read my blog, it means the world to me.

So I wanted to share with you what has happened over the past few days and maybe be able to help a few of you out. I have always been curious of dating apps, although I’m very apprehensive and scared, I downloaded the app Lovoo. It was easy to set up and just required your email address and a password. Simple enough. Profile Pic and you are on your way. Now I don’t want to get into how the app works, that’s not why I’m here.

So going through the motions and swiping left and right, kinda like Tinder, I saw this picture of a really amazing looking guy. I swiped right and followed him. Bonus he lived in the same country. Anyway we started chatting and he seemed genuine. And really HOT! Another bonus. J Then things started getting weird. I’m not one to give my number out, and he wanted to call me. First I was like shit, but then I thought ok. So when I said ok, he politely said I couldn't call his number as his phone wasn't work, that’s when the warning signs went off. Let me explain why.

In all his pictures he has an iPhone 6. When I asked him why not, he said the phone won’t take calls. That’s when I went into panic mode. Then he starts asking for nude pictures. I froze. Like dude, we have only been chatting for like a day, no way. By day three, he is saying he loves me… Now I’m totally put off. While in bed last night, I think about his pictures, and how “perfect” he is. So this morning I did a reverse search on Google. Turns out this guy on the app is using the pictures of a certain Spanish Superstar. 

I was absolutely fuming! And kinda sad. Cause he really is beautiful this Spanish Superstar. I sent the fake a nasty message on the app and then reported him for using stolen pictures. I know this won’t stop this guy but at least I realized what happened before it was got worse.

Going through this I thought I would share with you my tips for using a dating app:

Use an alias

Never use your own name as it will be easy for the fake people to trace you on Facebook. Rather use an alias till you know the person you are talking to is real.

Never disclose your personal details

Never ever give your personal details to strangers. And also disable the location services on your photos.

Leave your emotions and heart out of it

If like me, you wear your heart on your sleeve, rather leave your emotions out of it. You will fall for the fake people and you will get hurt.

When in doubt, leave it

When the person you start talking to starts asking for nudes or wants to talk dirty, rather just ignore the person and leave them alone. Or even better report the person. For your own safety.

If you suspect the photos are not real, reverse trace

Save the photos on your phone and then use Googles Images, to reverse search the images. If the image has been used anywhere else on the web, google will pick it up. You can then confront the person and expose them for the fake they are.

With all that happened, I am relieved that I wasn't hurt. Please if you are using a dating app’s rather be safe than sorry. Take the tips and use them.

One good that did come out of this, I found a new artist to drool over. And he now has a new fan. :)

Have you ever been involved in a fake dating story? I would love to hear about it and how you exposed the person. Remember be safe, and not another statistic.

P.s. I will never use a dating app in my life again!

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