Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Artist Feature - Gustavo Elis...

If you have read my blog in the past, you know I love finding new artist... Sometimes they are local and other times they are international. Today it's an international star from Venezuela. His name is Gustavo Elis...

Gustavo Elis is an actor, singer and dancer. He recently released his debut album called #Partedemi, which you can buy here on iTunes.

My first impression of Gustavo was wow, he really is good looking. But as soon as you hear his voice, you realize he isn't just beautiful, but super talented as well. And he is also super romantic.

Although I know no Spanish, this album is well put together and is really beautiful. It has indeed inspired me to learn Spanish as a 3rd language. The songs are soulful but also have a great beat, which makes you wanna get up and dance.

This song is my favorite, Solo Eres Tu, and the music video is stunning. He definitely is romantic, having his girlfriend in this video.

You can follow Gustavo on twitter and watch his video's on YouTube.

My verdict? I think Gustavo will have a very long career ahead of him and if he ever makes an English album, he will again even more fans. Even though I don't speak Spanish, he has gained a loyal follower in me!  His voice is powerful and like velvet. This super talented guy will make it far in the music industry.

So excuse me while I dance along to this album, and do yourself a favor and go and buy it too! You definitely won't be disappointed.

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