Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Winter Essential List...

I'm probably one of the most simplest people alive. I constantly look at wish lists and I honestly envy all the other bloggers who have such elaborate wish lists. I wish I could want so many of the things they do, but I simply do not. Winter is arriving in South Africa and my wish list consists of baby oil and robes... Would love you hear what your wish lists include.

1. Johnson's Baby Oil - R 32.50 (Dischem) (I use this straight out of the shower, before drying)

2. Fluffy Hooded Gown - Woolworths - R 299.00

3. Button Trim Melton Boot Slipper - Woolworths - R 199.00

4. Trenery Karla Wool Scarf - Woolworths - R 699.00

5. Country Road Mohair Scarf - Woolworths - R 549.00

6. Knitted Mittens - Woolworths - R 349.00

7. Lace Up Leather Boots - Woolworths - R 1299.00

8. Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector - R 120.00

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