Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Blogs I read everyday!

As bloggers we all have our list of favorite blogs we read everyday, right? The one's that teach us so much without us even knowing.  So I thought I would make a list of the blogs that inspire me everyday, and that I absolutely have to read everyday. Also to thank them for the hard work they do.

1. Ellie Love Blog

Caley's blog is the first blog I read every morning. She is a stunning person, who blogs about her beautiful angels SJ and EN. And also the incredible love she has for her husband MC. Honestly, Caley makes me want to be a better mom and person. She is amazing. Thank you for your amazing blog Cal's. Love you lots my friend.

2. Forever Amber

Amber is my go to fashionista. I absolutely love her blog. I also love her posts on blogging. She taught me so much, and when I first found her blog, I spent the whole day there taking notes. Thank you so much for your insight Amber.

3. Hannah Gale

What can I say about Hannah that will explain my love for her blog? She is funny, talented and doesn't give a hell what people think about her. Oh and she posts these awesome lists. Lists about anything. If you need a pick me up Hannah's blog is definitely one to go to! Thanks for your amazing blog Hannah.

4. Into the bookcase

If you love books, just as much as I do, then you need to visit Katie's blog. It is a book haven. When you need recommendations on books, you can bet Katie has read the book and there is a review up. My wish list at Exclusive books is overflowing because of Katie. Thanks Katie.

5. Superficialgirls

I have to admit that Carlinn's blog is the first blog I ever started reading. She has the most amazing outfit posts and the most perfect photo's (thanks Mike)!  If you wanna read about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel, then Superficialgirls is the blog for you. Thanks for your beautiful blog Carlinn!

And there you have it, my favorite blogs. I hope they will bring you as much joy as they do me. Love all these blogs so much! What are your favorite blogs?

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