Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dad's favorite things...

Keeping with the theme of Fathers Day, I thought what better way than doing a post about my dad's favorite things... 

Favorite shows...

* Fast n Loud

* F1 Grand Prix

* NCIS: Los Angeles

* Air Crash Investigation

* Golf

Favorite Sports...

* Motorsports
* Golf

Favorite Cars...

* BMW M3
* Pontiac GTO

Favorite things to do...

* Go to the track
* Work on cars
* Spend time with Robbie

Favorite Food...

* Bunny Chow

Favorite Drink...

* Coffee

Favorite Movies...

* Fast n Furious Franchise

* Lord of the Rings
* Divergent
* Die Hard Franchise
* Spit on your grave

As you can see my dad loves anything to do with cars and Motorsport. 

What are your dad's favorite things? 

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