Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Gold Reef City Theme Park fun

On Saturday, we decided to take a super cool outing to Gold Reef City Theme Park in Johannesburg. Robbie had been there before but as a baby and couldn't really enjoy the rides. This time he was a little taller and was able to ride on most of the kiddies rides. He was feeling so adventurous that he decided to try out his first "BIG" ride - The Log Ride. Got super wet but wasn't scared at all. Here are some of the pictures.

Gold Reef City is one of those amazing places where you will be transported into a different era. Based on an old mining town, there are museums and rides for all. You can see how gold was mined and even a science lab. I love the old town setting and could walk around exploring for hours.

You sit Oupa, I will drive...
The allure of the merry-go-round has always appealed to me. I think I feel in love with them through Mary Poppins. Although Robbie definitely doesn't share the same enthusiasm.

Even in winter the town is magical. Peacocks roam free and there is something for everyone. There are quaint little gift shops as well.  The restaurants are great, especially Oldies Diner. The food is fantastic and the service superb. Definitely a must. Another must is the 4D Cinema. Moving chairs, splashes of water, wind and amazing sound, makes this something for the whole family. And the shows are only 15 minutes long. Definitely short and sweet.

The gem of the town has to be the chapel. So quaint and what you would typically see in a little town.

For more information (including pricing and rides) visit the Gold Reef City website here!

Dad, Robbie and myself.
Made a new friend.

My two favorite rides are the Anaconda and the Golden Loop. I can never get enough. Have you ever been to Gold Reef City? What are your favorite rides? 

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