Monday, 15 June 2015

Hot Celeb Dads...

In the run up to fathers day on the 21st of June, I have decided to dedicate this whole week to dads and my dad. So to start off, I thought we would start with hot celeb dads... Here are my favorite Celeb dads.

1. Chris Hemsworth...

We may know him as Thor but his 2 sweet princesses only know him as dad. He isn't just handsome he is also a dotting dad, who doesn't mind taking care of his angels.

2. Orlando Bloom

Admit it, Orlando and Flynn are so adorably cute. The hot English actor loves his son to bits and is often seen taking him around to parks, when Flynn visits.

3. Josh Duhamel

Josh's son Axl is the apple of his eye. Josh admits himself that he loves being a family guy and spending time with Axl and wife Fergie.

4. David Beckham

David is the pinnacle of hot dads. He is super hot and makes cute babies. Plus he is a stay-at-home dad. And have you seen him around Harper? Super cute!

5. Cam Gigandet

Cam keeps his daughter out of the spotlight very well as I only found out about him having a daughter last year. She is too precious for words and he seems to love spending time with her.

There you have my favorite Hot Celeb Dads...

Who are your favorite? 

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