Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Mr Price Home Wishlist for Blog...

As I was taking pictures for my blog this weekend, I realised that I don't really have a lot of props for my blog photos. Although I don't like over crowded pictures, having the right props can make the world of difference. So I have chosen a few pieces from Mr Price Home that will make my pictures look amazing.

1. Resin Vintage Camera ~ R 129.99

2. Pewter Big Ben ~ R 199.99

3. Punched Metal Round Box ~ R 99.99

4. Metal Embossed Candle Plate ~ R 39.99

5. Ceramic Poodle Money Box ~ R 25.99

6. Street Art Mug ~ R 19.99

7. Winter Cosmos Flower (Purple) ~ R 29.99

8. Winter Cosmos Flower (Orange) ~ R 29.99

9. Mini Orchid Potted Plant ~ R 39.99

What do you use as props for your blog pictures?

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