Thursday, 11 June 2015

Review ~ Polaroid Zip Earphones

We all love music right? And having the right earphones is what make all the difference when we are working out, or just listening to music at home. Probably like everyone, we all used the standard earphones that come with your make of phone... But what happens when these die? You start hunting for new ones because they are all definitely not made equal.

If you are looking for the earphones with the best sound and that won't tangle in your bag, look no further! The Polaroid Zip Earphones are totally the best! With superior quality and the unique zip system, theses are cut above the rest.


* Built in Mic
* Zipper system
* Frequency - 20H -20KHZ
* Power Input - 10MW
* Rated Power - 20MV
* Plugging - 3.5mm Stereo
* Length - 1.2m
* Funky colours

My verdict...

I wouldn't trade these earphones for anything. The sound is insanely good. When you have both earphones in and the volume up full, it actually feels like you are standing next to a speaker at a concert. It is so clear and the bass is amazing. But be warned the bass really is loud, so I wouldn't recommend have the volume totally up with just one earphone in. (I experienced insane dizziness when I did this)

The other insanely cool feature is the zipper cord. Never will you have to battle with cords tangling again. Just zip them closed and problem solved. Bonus feature, when totally unzipped, you can let your friend listen even when they are sitting on another seat. Unzipped, the cord can reach over 2m.

Ok and seriously the colour is so amazing! Love the hot pink!

10/10 for me. You can buy them on the Polaroid website or on the Musica Website for only R 129.00

Have you ever tried Polaroid earphones? What are your thoughts? Would you give these a try?

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