Wednesday, 22 July 2015

AngelBerry Frozen Yogurt

Having a son who has a particular appetite, or should I say who is just totally picky, can drive me around the bend. He won’t eat this or that, so basically it is down to a number of foods I can count on my fingers. One of his ultimate favorite foods is yogurt! Robbie will eat it all day every day. I love yogurt too but not as much as him, so when I was asked by Angelberry to try out their product, we both jumped for joy.

Angelberry is a frozen yogurt brand from the UK.  Their first shops were in the UK and can now be found in South Africa, Mauritius and UAE. Angelberry definitely has something for everyone. From frozen yogurt to pancakes, tones of different toppings to delicious blenders.

Fill your cup...
So what makes Angelberry different from every other frozen yogurt shop? They are very health conscious. For instance instead of using sugar, they use Stevia. You Banting folk out there will know exactly what I am talking about. This stuff is sweeter than sugar, but way healthier. They are also low on carbs! How cool is that? Living the dream with none of the calories.

They have over 60 different flavors that are rotated often to give you a different experience every time you visit. The flavors we could choose from were Vanilla, Chocolate, Wild Berries, Red Bull (no caffeine), Coconut, Natural Greek and Strawberry. They are all great tasting and you can tell they are made with the finest ingredients. You can have it in a cup or cone, the choice is up to you. 

Robbie filling his cup, with Lerato's help. 
So what if you don’t eat yogurt, like my dad, for instance? Well they have this awesome Mandarin Ice Cream. It’s the kind that will make your tongue curl with delight. Better than the boring vanilla flavored. 

Toppings galore awaits once you have decided which flavors of yogurt you want (Yes, you can totally mix it up!). There is every kind of sweet you could want. Marshmallows, jelly babies, sprinkles, Oreo's and so many more. And if you are diabetic? They have fresh fruit especially for you!

Toppings Galore! 
Once you are done there you can add a sauce of your choosing to give it that cherry on the top. When you are finally happy with your little wonder, you head over to the weighing counter. You will be charged R 15.00 per 100g. Take your favorite colour spoon and you are good to go! Have a seat and enjoy or take it home.

My mix up... Yummy!
Now say you don’t want yogurt? Well Angelberry has a range of other products for you to choose from, like pancakes, blenders and even parfaits. They even have coffee for the person who finds it just a little too cold to have frozen yogurt. As if!

The Menu
My dad had the pancake with Mandarin ice cream and bananas. As Lerato said, pancakes with a banana split on top. My dad could not stop raving about the pancake on the way home. He has a sweet tooth and said it was way better than anything he has ever eaten.

Banana and ice cream pancake
Robbie wanted to go back and have more Red bull yogurt. He loved that he could choose his own toppings and make it the way he wanted it. As for me? I will definitely make Angelberry my monthly stop. I especially loved the Oreo Blender that Ryan whipped up for me. I would definitely recommend this to any parent who wants to give their kids a healthy but super fun treat.

I would like to thank Ryan and Lerato for their great hospitality and making this a memorable experience for all. You will definitely be seeing me way more often!

You can visit Angelberry at Kyalami on Main, Shop 21, Midrand. They are open on Monday – Saturdays 9am – 8pm and on Sundays from 10am – 6pm. They are also at Nu-Metro at Menlyn Mall in Pretoria.

You can also follow them on TwitterFacebook and Instagram! Have you been to Angelberry in Kyalami? Let's chat about it on twitter with the hashtag #AngelberryDD ! Or tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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