Friday, 10 July 2015

Artist Feature ~ Tori Kelly

You may have heard her name but I don’t think anyone is ready for the amazing things that will come from Tori Kelly. Born Victoria Loren Kelly (14th December 1992), this American singer and songwriter first started uploading songs on YouTube at the tender age of 14. At age 16 Tori, entered American Idol. Although she was eliminated, Tori saw her future and started releasing her own music.

She wrote, sang and produced her first EP called Handmade songs by Tori Kelly.  It was so good it made it to the Top 10 Pop Albums on iTunes. She was later signed my Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and was signed to Capitol Records.

Tori has just released her debut album called Unbreakable Smile, which is available on iTunes. The first single from the album is “Nobody Love”.

My thoughts?

I absolutely cannot get enough of Tori Kelly. She has that velvet voice and her songs have such meaning as well as a great beat. I know we will see big things from her in the future. My favorite song has to “Dear No one”. Such a raw and emotional song about being independent but still wanting someone to love one day.

Here are some of my other favorites.

Should have been us...

All in my head..

Have you heard of Tori? What do you guys think about her music? Do you thing she has a bright future ahead of her? 

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