Thursday, 2 July 2015

DIY ~ Coffee Bean Makeup Brush holder

We all have makeup brushes, and you either keep them in a brush holder or you need somewhere else to keep them, right? So while looking around on Pinterest the other day, I found this cool idea.  Now most of you have probably seen it, the makeup brushes in the glass vase with coffee beans. I thought I would show you a quick DIY of how I made mine.

Pinterest Idea

What you will need

  • 1 x Glass vase. (can be rectangular, square or any shape you like)

  • 2 x packets of coffee beans (depends on the size of your vase)

  • Makeup brushes

What you do

  • Firstly clean the vase. Wash it with soap and water. Then dry very well. You don’t want coffee forming at the bottom of your vase.

  • Once it is dry, open the coffee beans. Pour in the coffee beans. Make sure it more than half way full. The brushes need to be able to be sturdy in the vase.
  • Insert the brushes. I placed the larger brushes at the back and the smaller ones in front.

And viola, your own brush holder. And the smell is amazing. I personally love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and this way my room smells like it the whole time.

P.s in the finished picture, I had only used one bag of coffee beans, and the brushes weren’t stable enough. I recommend using 2 bags. 

Have you ever tried this?

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