Monday, 13 July 2015

Makeup Trend ~ Strobing

You guys might have heard about this new makeup technique called “Strobing”.  At first I wondered what the hell this technique is. It as to be something really awesome if all the great makeup artist are jumping on the band wagon. I was expecting something more than what I found. To me and many makeup artist it is basically just the age old “highlighting”.  Highlighting without contouring. 

So instead of using both a contour and a highlighter, you will only be using the highlight to draw attention to the parts of the face that the sun would naturally hit. I honestly love the look, on others, it just doesn’t look create on me. I will give you a break down on how I achieved my look and the products I used.

The products…

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer

I first apply the L’Oreal Lumi Magique primer to freshly moisturized skin. This primer is a white liquid but applies easily to the skin and gives your skin a radiant appearance. I apply a little more to the areas where the sun would normally hit, like your cheek bones and forehead.

Smudge Purity Highlighter Pen

I use this after I have applied my makeup under the eyebrows.

Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder

This powder looks pink but it creates such a beautiful glow to the skin. I apply this to my cheek bones, the tip of my nose, chin, my forehead and just above the eyebrows. I apply this very lightly.

Makeup Forever Star Powder

I used the Star Powder on the lids of my eyes and the inner corners to make them pop.

Where to place the highlighter?

According to the internet, you need to place it on places where the sun would naturally hit your face. So basically the tops of the cheek bones, your eyebrow bone, your nose and chin. It is as simple as that. If you would like a great video to explain exactly how to do it, have a look at these two:

Goss Makeup Artist ~ Strobing

NikkieTutorials ~ Strobing

My take on it?

I am in two minds about this technique. I love the look but I love my contour, as it sculpts my face. So I would rather stick with the normal highlighting and contouring which combines both and has a beautiful look.

What do you guys think? Have you tried this strobing technique? Do you think it looks good or are you like me who is going to stick with the good old highlighting and contouring? Would love to hear from you so drop me a comment below.

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