Monday, 20 July 2015

Morning Rituals ~ Getting ready in the morning...

As ladies we usually have a very particular ritual that we follow in the mornings to get ready. Some of ours are elaborate and others are simple. I thought I would show you the products I use and the ritual I follow to get ready. 


I wake up at 5 every morning. This is so I have enough time to get little one ready as well. I jump in the shower and this usually consists of washing my hair. I use Tresemme Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner. I then use Radox Herbal Body wash with Hyssop and Rice Milk to make sure I’m super clean. This body wash smells like cupcakes.

Once I am out the bath, I apply a lot of body cream, as my skin is super dry. I use Fennel Body Butter in Cocoa. I then wash my face with the Sorbet Facial brush. (Review of this little wonder up soon) This makes my skin smooth and clear and removes dead skin cells.


Once I am out of the bathroom, I dry my hair. I uses my large tooth comb to untangle my hair. I then apply my Tresemme Oil Elixir, (you can read my review here) and then dry my hair using my Babyliss Hair dryer and my round brush. I don’t always straighten my hair only on occasions.


Then it is time for makeup. I use my L’OrĂ©al Skin Perfection collection on my skin before applying makeup. This makes my skin ready for my work makeup application. You can see how I apply my work makeup here. After I have applied that, I put on my jewellery and a spritz of my Shakira perfume, and I am ready to take on the day.

I would love to hear about your morning rituals. Let’s chat about it on twitter using the hashtag #MorningRitualsDD ! Or comment below and tell me how you get ready in the am!

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