Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Review ~ BrushEgg and Brush Guards

I have always appreciated a clean set of makeup brushes, but sometimes getting them super clean is a bit of a hassle. Especially my synthetic foundation brush. I saw Sigma had the big pink brush cleaner and I thought wow, that could work. But for that price, uhm maybe not. But then I came across this awesome little tool, called the Brushegg. Bloggers have been raving about it, so I decided to try it out.

I bought my Brushegg and my Brush Guards from Swiitch & Co. Their service is amazing and delivery only takes about a day, which is super. And it is also free delivery. I paid R 79.99 for the Brush Guards and R 119.99 for the Brushegg. With my order they gave me a free set of Brush Guards.


First thing I love about the Brushegg is that it is very small. Going on holiday would be a breeze with this little thing. Secondly I love the different ridges on the back. The small nodes are great for your small eyeshadow brushes. The ridges are great for cleaning your foundation and blush brushes.

It also makes rinsing the brushes a breeze, because I know from past experiences that getting all the soap out can be hard. But now by running your brushes on the Brushegg while rinsing helps to get all the soap out. Just don't wet the ferrule otherwise the glue will come loose which cause your brushes to shed their hair.

How to use...

The Brushegg is pretty simple to use. No complicated procedures or special soaps.

1. Firstly put your fingers in the Brushegg.
2. Then wet the Brushegg and apply baby shampoo to the ridges.
3. Wet the hairs of the brush and swirl around on the Brushegg till it lathers or until clean.
4. Once clean, rinse under running water, while still swirling on the Brushegg.
5. Dry your brush with a towel.

It is as simple as that. No fuss. This is the best investment I have made in a while. Definitely something everyone who uses makeup brushes needs.

Brush Guards...

I first saw the Brush Guards by beauty vlogger, Lauren Curtis. I was amazed by these little tubes she was applying to her brushes to keep them from looking like Tina Turner on a bad hair day, that I immediately started my search for them. Alas I couldn't find them until I was in the process of buying my Brushegg.

These little tubes are made out of netted polyester fiber and can stretch to form around your brushes. They keep the hairs from going wild and can also help to protect your brushes if your are a makeup artist. They come in long tubes but you can cut them to the length you want. They come in 3 different size for the different brush sizes.

These are definitely something I will keep on buying from Swiitch & Co. They also have these Konjac sponges, which I am dying to try out soon. Have you bought from Swiitch &Co? Have you tried the Brushegg or Brush Guards? I would love to hear about your experiences with them.

Brushes clean and drying

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