Monday, 3 August 2015

Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base ~ Review

In the past, makeup artists never used primers and stuff like that. In fact I know of a few who still don’t use it. But if you are like me and you have oil eyelids, you will know that this is key. If I forget to apply it, by lunch time my eyeshadow is creased and looks terrible. I have tried, putting a cream product and setting with a powder one, but on my eyelids this doesn’t work.

So naturally I have been looking for an eyeshadow base that works. I tried NYX but that didn’t work, so I bought Catrice Fine and Prime Eyeshadow Base. I know it seems I am biased to their products, but this little gem really does the job.


From the Catrice website: “This base optimally prepares the eyelids for eye make-up. The light texture in a light nude shade is easy to apply and spread evenly with the flock applicator. Perfectly priming your lids enhances the colour-intensity and luminosity of the eyeshadow, makes the colour pigments last longer and prevents them from settling in the crease of the eyelid.”


This product is of exceptional quality. I haven’t tried many of the elite brands but compared to the ones I have tried this one is amazing. It is a liquid consistency and blends easily into the eye.

Main Benefit

Not only does this eyeshadow base keep my eyeshadow from creasing but it also makes the colours more vibrant. It also helps for discoloration, giving you a beautiful and clean canvas to work on.

Ease of use

This product is super easy to use with its applicator wand. Every time you take the wand out there is just enough product on to cover the entire eye area. I use my finger to apply, as this blends it out beautifully.


Who would the product suit

This product is great for anyone and I would suggest all ladies add this to their makeup routine. It will make your eyeshadows stay put and will definitely make them seem more vibrant.


* Stunning packaging
* Easy to use
* Easy to blend and control
* Gives eyeshadow longevity


Honestly I have no cons. This product is really great.

List of Alternatives

Nars Eyeshadow Primer

Product Packaging

A small tube with a black lid and an applicator wand.



RSP R 62.00 at Dischem and Red Square stores nationwide.



I am absolutely crazy about this eyeshadow base. No more having to worry about what my eyeshadow will look like by lunch and if I will have to go reapply it. This is one product I will have in my kit for years to come. 

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