Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I am like any girl in the world, I absolutely adore mascara. It is definitely the first thing I gravitate to when I walk into Dischem or Clicks. I have lengthening and volumising types but my all-time favourite has to be Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. The iconic pink and green (and sometimes black) is a staple with makeup artists worldwide and it is rightly so.


Maybelline was one of the first creators of mascara back in 1913.  The great lash mascara conditions the lashes as it thickens with no clumps and no spider lashes. Safe for contact lens wears and is hypoallergenic.


This is one of the most superior quality mascara’s in the world. The formula is not runny and the wand comes out with exactly the right amount of product on. The wand is a basic tapered spooly brush and shows how exceptional the product is to create whispy lashes.

Main Benefit

The main benefit is definitely that there is no flaking during the day. This mascara gives your lashes a beautiful lift without having to apply many layers. It won’t give you the false lash effect but it never claimed to do that. What it will do is give you beautiful, naturally looking lashes.

Ease of use

With Maybelline Great Lash Mascara you only have to apply one coat to your lashes. There is always just enough product to give you a proper coating. If you want to you can definitely apply more layers.

Who would the product suit

Maybelline caters for everyone and this mascara will definitely suit all women, no matter what your age. They have different colours from blackest black to blue, so there is definitely something for everyone.


Iconic thickening formula
Conditions the lashes
No spider lashes
No flaking


I don’t have any cons about this product. My lashes have never looked so amazing but if you want the super lengthening effect, you can try one of Maybelline’s other great mascaras that will do the trick for you.

Product Packaging

Iconic pink and green packaging.  


RSP R 99.00 from all beauty retailers nationwide.



I use this product in my artist kit as well as my personal kit and it is one of the products I always replace.  I could never use any other mascara on my clients and always have the waterproof version just for brides. 

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