Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My favorite YouTube Beauty Guru's...

I love YouTube as much as the next person, mainly for epic fail videos but mostly for my daily fix of my favorite beauty gurus. You will definitely learn so much from these lovely ladies, from makeup to beauty products. So here are my Top 7 beauty vloggers:

* Lauren Curtis

Lauren is one of the best makeup artist ever and she comes from Australia. She is the driving force behind me becoming one, and definitely someone everyone should be following. Her tutorials are easy to follow and she is super bubbly. She recently launched her own blog and it is one of my absolute favorites.

Twitter: Lauren Beautyy
Facebook: Lauren Curtis
YouTube: Lauren Beautyy
Instagram: Lauren Curtis

* NikkieTutorials

Nikkie is the legend behind the half face makeover that is has been doing the rounds lately. She is beautiful and talented. I love the tutorials she does and the way she uses products that I would never have thought to use (like Nivea Men's Aftershave as a primer).

Twitter: NikkieTutorials
Facebook: NikkieTutorials
YouTube: Nikkie Tutorials
Instagram: NikkieTutorials

* Shannon XO

Shannon is an amazing makeup artist from New Zealand and her videos are freakin awesome. I love who she shows you basic tutorials from how to find the right foundation to letting her boyfriend apply her makeup (seriously the best video ever).

Twitter: xoshaaan
Facebook: Shaaanxo
YouTube: Shaaanxo
Instagram: shaaanxo

* Zoella

Who doesn't know about this absolute angel from the UK? Zoe is a beauty guru as well as an absolute comic. I love watching all her videos but especially the ones with Alfie and all her super awesome friends like Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan and Caspar Lee. Definitely a channel to subscribe too. She also has a book called Girl Online which is so good and a sequel to this one will be released shortly.

Twitter: Zozeebo
Facebook: Zoella
YouTube: Zoella
Instagram: Zozeebo

* Fleur de Force

Fleur isn't just pretty but also a great makeup artist. She has a book out called the Glam Guide and she also has a super successful blog on which she does reviews about beauty products. Fleur's videos are really informative and fun.

Twitter: Fleur de Force
Facebook: Fleur De Force
YouTube: Fleur DeForce
Instagram; Fleur De Force

* Superficialgirls

Carlinn is amazing, there simply isn't another word to describe her. Her channel is full of outfit videos and hauls. She also has valuable tips on becoming a blogger and everything social media. Really someone to follow and a channel to subscribe to.

Twitter: Superficialgirl
Facebook: Superficialgirls
YouTube: Superficialgirl
Instagram: Superficialgirl

* Pink Peonies

I had to save the best for last, Luzanne is the super talented mastermind behind the Pink Peonies blog and this awesome YouTube channel. Luzanne does everything from hauls to tutorials. and is really a super person. If you are looking for honest and fun videos, then you have to subscribe to Pink Peonies.

Twitter: Pink Peonies Blog
Facebook: Pink Peonies Blog
YouTube: Pink Peonies Blog
Instagram: Pink Peonies

These are my absolute favorite vloggers. I would love to know who yours are, why not let me know in the comments below.

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