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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Face Wash...

When I was growing up I was lucky enough to have good skin. I got the odd pimple when it was that time of the month but lately I have been suffering terribly with spots on my chin. I had read a lot of reviews about the Neutrogena range and when they bought out the Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash, I was super keen to try it.

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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Face Wash claims to eliminate spots and blackheads with a fresh clean feel.  Neutrogena uses MicroClear technology to help the active ingredients break through the oil on your face that blocks your pores. This helps the salicylic acid clean the pores.


The quality of this product is amazing. The great smell of grapefruit lingers on your skin after you have used it and is very uplifting. The pink liquid is really cute but that definitely doesn’t take away from the amazing job of really cleaning your skin.

Main Benefit

The main benefit of this facial wash, is for the enzymes in the grapefruit to break down the oil in your face and for the salicylic acid to deep target your pores and clear it of all the gunk that is stuck in there, thus reducing the cause of pimples.

Ease of use

The Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Face wash is simple to use. Just pump 2 squirts of the gel like liquid onto your fingers and then work it into your face. I use it with my Sorbet Facial Cleanser and it creates a nice lather.

Who would the product suit

I think this product would definitely suit people who are in their late teens to early 20’s. I would also recommend this product to late bloomers who have had clear skin their whole life and are now seeing spots.


Great pump bottle
Sensational smell
Really works to clean out the pore and reduce the signs of pimples


Like with any new regime, your face needs time to adjust, so you will see some breakouts. But this will heal and your face will be clean and clear.

Active ingredients

Salicylic Acid ~ this acid is derived from the bark of the willow tree and has both cosmetic and medicinal benefits. It is great as an exfoliator and helps to get rid of the acne and blemishes by targeting the pores and cleaning them out.

Pink grapefruit ~ it is great for a host of reasons. It contains bioflavonoids that help promote healthy skin. The skin of the grapefruit contains collagen, which helps with skin elasticity. It also has enzymes that are able to break down the oils that build up on the skin.

Product Packaging

200 ml pump top bottle with pink gel like liquid.

My Thoughts

I have been using this facial wash for almost a month and I can tell you my face has never felt any better. My skin looks so clear and the pores are minimized after every wash. I love the smell of the grapefruit, which smells fresh, rather than most other face washes that smell like chemicals.


RSP R 72.00 at all cosmetic retailers nationwide.



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