Monday, 7 September 2015

All time favorite Makeup Brushes

As a beauty blogger and a makeup artist, I have a set of brushes that I absolutely love. These are by no means my whole collection but just the one's I uses everyday and are my go to brushes.

1. Burst Brushes - FD04 Foundation Brush

This is my favorite foundation brush. It gives your skin that airbrush look and really blends the foundation with your skin. You can buy this brush from their website and they are having a 35% sale till the 13th of September!

2. Cala 301 Powder Brush

I absolutely adore this brush. The bristles are so soft on the skin and it applies powder like a dream. You can buy the range of Cala Brushes from Dischem stores nationwide.

3. Alila Highlight Brush

I originally got this brush with my first brush kit I bought and they state it is for blush but the bristles seem way to stiff for blusher, so I use it to apply highlighter. It applies just the right amount and is small enough too. You can buy the Alila brushes online and they also sell professional makeup.

4. Cala 302 Angled Contour Brush

Generally angled brushes are best used for contouring but I love using them for blusher. And this one is just the best. The ultra soft bristles are great for cheeks and this brush applies just the right amount of colour. A definite win in my books.

5. Burst Brush - BB01 Blending Brush

I have had this brush for two years and it still works as if it is brand new. This is the ultimate blending brush. You can use it to apply colour to your eyelid as well as blend it out. This should definitely be a staple in any makeup kit.

6. Cala 311 Blending Brush

Another blending brush, as my favorite makeup artist Wayne Goss says, you cannot have enough blending brushes. This one is great for blending out eyeshadows above the crease and also for applying all over eyeshadow.

7. Cala 314 Angled Blending Brush

This angled blending brush from Cala is amazing for doing delicate crease work, like a cut crease for instance, where you only need to apply darker shade to the crease. The bristles are firm but still soft.

8. Cala 504 Brow/ Liner Brush

I actually have two of these brushes, one for liner and one for my brows, and they work equally well. The bristles are so stiff that you can apply liner in one go without stopping and is great for powder or gel liner. I also love how it can create individual hairs for brows. Just the most amazing brush ever!

9. Essence Blending Brush

I was skeptical about buying Essence brushes but I was pleasantly surprised. This brush is fluffy and applies eyeshadow so well. I know it is a blending brush but I love using it to apply my base colour.

10. Essence Eyeshadow Brush

I love this brush for applying eyeshadow under the eye. The bristles are stiff and thin to get right under the lashes. I also love the pastel colour. You can get Essence brushes from Clicks, Dischem and Red Square.

These are my favorite brushes and I would love to find out what yours are, so why not leave me a comment down below.

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