Wednesday, 30 September 2015

My favorite eyeshadow palettes...

I am a self confessed eyeshadow palette junkie. I can't get enough. If I am shopping in the mall and I see an eyeshadow palette that I don't own, I will either buy it immediately or will be back for it as soon as possible. So I thought I would show you my favorite palettes that I use on a monthly basis, switching it up regularly.

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1. Inglot 5 Shade Freedom Palette

This is the best thing ever designed. Not only is the casing sturdy and magnetic, but you have the freedom to choose your own colours from their wide range. This is the palette I use the most, and I love the colours. I also have the 10 shade palette filled with bright colours. Inglot can be purchased from Edgars stores nationwide and from their online store. Each shade is R 119 and there are various palettes for you to choose from.

Inglot freedom system, eyes

2. Gosh 9 Shades to have fun with in LA

I only recently got this palette but it is fast becoming my favorite. The colours are super blendable and the colours work well with one another. I will definitely be getting the other 2 palettes in the range, New York and Vegas. Gosh is available from Edgars and Red Square stores for R 210.

gosh, 9 shades, to have fun in LA

3. Stila In the light Palette

This is one of the first eyeshadow palettes I ever purchased and I still have it. There are some amazing colours in this palette, including Kitten, which as far as I know no one has even come close to recreating. I love this palette so much and it definitely has sentimental value. Stila is available from Woolworths and Stuttafords.

Stila, In the light, palette

4. LA Girl Beauty Brick Nude and Smokey Palette

Having recently acquired these cult favorites and worshiping them, I can honestly say they are a staple. Having looked for Rose gold eyeshadow for so long, the nude palette definitely satisfies that need and the smoky palette is great for nights out! LA Girl is available from Dischem stores nationwide, but hurry cause they are selling really quickly!

LA Girl, Nude

LA Girl, Smoky

These are my favorite palettes, I would love to find out what your favorites are, so why not leave me a comment below. 

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