Monday, 26 October 2015

Day of the Dead ~ Sugar Skull Tutorial

For my final Halloween look, I have created a Day of the Dead Sugar Skull. I saved this one for last as it is definitely my favorite look of all. The looks that are created by people celebrating this holiday are just too beautiful. I hope you like my last tutorial and I cannot wait for next year to do it all again!
What you will need:
* Foundation a few shades lighter than your skintone
* Maybelline Black 24hr Color Tattoo
* Inglot Primer
* Inglot eyeshadow in Black
* Gosh To have fun in LA palette
* Essence Silver Pigment shadow
* Revlon 3D Mascara
* Rhinestones
* Smudge Gel eyeliner in Black
* Selection of brushes
Step 1 ~ Start with a clean and prepped face.
Step 2 ~ Using the lightest foundation, apply to your face. Apply as many layers as you see fit.
Step 3 ~ Using a mixture of the black Maybelline Color Tattoo and Inglot Primer, map out the circles of your eyes. Remember to go around the sockets of your eyes.
Step 4 ~ Using the same mixture, fill in the circles. Set this with the black Inglot eyeshadow.
Step 5 ~ Taking a round flat eyeshadow brush, create scallop shape around each eye. 
Step 6 ~ Now you can use your imagination and create different patterns. To draw the teeth and jaw line, follow the shape of the cheek bones. Then using a eyeliner brush, draw lines for teeth. Once you have drawn the teeth you can fill in the teeth with the lightest colour foundation. Be as creative as you want. I also drew a flower on my chin.
Step 7 ~ Using the same black mixture, colour in the jaw from where you marked it to below the neck. Make sure it is really dark.
Step 8 ~ Add swirls and twirls. I added a spider too for more effect.
Step 9 ~ Using the silver pigment shadow, create dots in the scallops. You could also stick rhinestones. I stuck the rhinestone on the spiders body and the flower.
Finishing Step ~ Line the inner rim of your eye with black liner and add mascara. You can then curl your hair and add fake flowers. Your look is then finished.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorials and will hopefully be using one of them for your Halloween looks. I would love to see what they looked liked, so why not tweet me your pics after Halloween.

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