Friday, 23 October 2015

Do you wanna play a little game? Jigsaw inspired Halloween Tutorial

I have loved the Saw movie franchise from the beginning, being the horror movie junkie I am. So this was a look that I have always wanted to do. Jigsaw is a very prominent character and everyone knows him. I hope you enjoy the tutorial! 
What you will need:

* Foundation a few shades lighter than your skin tone
* Inglot Primer
* Kryolan Ultra Setting Powder
* Inglot Black Eyeshadow
* Essence Red lip liner
* Smudge Black Eyeliner
* Catrice Red Lipstick
* Selection of Brushes
Step 1
Start with a clean and prepped face. 
Step 2
Mixing the lightest foundation and your primer together, apply the mixture to your face. Start light at first then build it up to the coverage you desire. Remember to blend it into your neck.
Step 3
Using the black eyeshadow, create a black shadow around your eyes. Remember this doesn't have to be perfect. Blend it out at the end. This creates the look of your eyes sinking in and being larger. 
Step 4
Using the same black eyeshadow, create larger brows. You can create new ones if you like or blank them out like the Jigsaw puppet.
Step 5
Now to create the spirals, take the red lip liner and lightly draw the spirals where you would like them to be. Once you are happy, go over the lines to make them dark. Then to create the illusion of them being pronounced, take the brown eyeshadow and create a circle around the spirals. Blend out so there are no harsh lines. And again remember that this doesn't have to be perfect. 
Step 6
On to the lips. Take the same red lip liner and line your lips. I created mine a little bit bigger and wider. I then filled it in with the pencil and then went over it with the red lipstick.
Step 7
To create the lines for the mouth, use the black pencil and draw lines from the corners of your lipstick down your chin. 
To finish, apply the black liner to inner rim of eye and apply mascara. You can add colored contact lenses to add to the overall effect! 
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Next week I will show you the look I will be doing for Halloween this year. 

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