Friday, 16 October 2015

Halloween Looks - Mermaid

For the next installment in my Halloween tutorials, I choose to do a mermaid, with scales and pearls. I know it all seems very girl but I promise the dark looks will be coming this week. I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

What you will need:

* Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
* Inglot Eyeshadow Palette (I'm using the purples)
* Black Smudge Gel Eyeliner
* Maybelline 24hr Tattoo eyeshadow in Purple and Blue
* Smashbox PhotoFinish 24hr shadow primer
* Revlon 3D mascara
* Revlon Colourburst Matte balm in purple
* Makeup brushes
* Pearls
* Glitter
* Fishnet stockings
(Remember you can use any colour combinations you like.)

Step 1

Start with a clean and freshly moisturized skin. I then applied my Smashbox primer to my eyes and did my foundation as I normally would. I left the powder off because we will be using cream products.

Step 2

Create a smoky eye with your main colour, like I did with the purples from the Inglot palette. You can create more of a winged effect if you like.

Step 3

Using Maybelline 24hr Tattoo eyeshadow in the blue, I filled in my brows. You can create totally new shape brows, by masking your brows with glue and then creating new ones.

Step 4

Using the same blue from Maybelline, I lightly contoured my cheek bones. This step isn't necessary but will make your scales pop later.

Step 5

This is where the fun starts, when you create the scales. To do this you will either need a old pair of fishnet stockings, or in my case I used a new shower loofah that we hadn't used. (unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of it) Cut it into a square or rectangle and stretch it over your face. Then using two different colours, and two different brushes, start blending the colours over the netting. Remember to start lightly and build up the colour and too keep the netting taunt. When you have the desired colour, slowly lift off the netting. Apply this technique where ever you want scales to be.

Step 6

Using the purple Maybelline eyeshadow and the purple Inglot eyeshadows, contour down your neck and fade out at your collar bone. I also extended the smoky eye shade down my nose to contour it and darken

Step 7

You will now want to apply your pearls and glitter. I applied mine in a "v" by my forehead and extended it over my brows. I also put glitter under my eyes. Remember you can apply glitter, pearls and rhinestones where ever you want. I also added a sting of pearls around my neck.

Step 8

Finish off the look with Revlon 3D Mascara and Revlon Colourburst matte balm on your lips. You can add seashell hair accessories to really finish the look.

And voila! Look completed. I hope you enjoyed this look. Next week will be a little more darker and sinister.

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