Monday, 5 October 2015

Halloween Looks – Zipper Galaxy face

I love Halloween even though we don’t celebrate it in South Africa. I love doing different makeup looks and having fun. So I thought why not do different looks and tutorials every week till Halloween? My first look is easy and simple to achieve and oh so much fun! Imagine unzipping your face to reveal your soul underneath. This look can be created any way, with any colours or ideas. For this look I researched nebula's to create a galaxy. You can choose whatever colours you like.

She had stars behind each eyelid,
And a galaxy in her soul,
That drew people to her endless heart,
Like the pull of a black hole,
She was made of earth and fire,
Of wishes cast on shooting stars,
She was a brand new solar system,
Unlike the ones they’d known so far,
With constellations ever changing,
No one could memorise her skies,
And they thought the thing for them to do,
Was bring her to their size,
They shrunk the universe within her,
Told her, her vast expanse was wrong,
That she should make her life much smaller,
If she wanted to belong,
As they collapsed her world around her,
She felt her inner stars grow cold,
Until her life was far too heavy,
For her once strong arms to hold,
You might wonder how it happened,
But I guess that it makes sense,
Because a life becomes much heavier,
When it’s the universe condensed.
~ e.h

Products and items used:

* Zipper
* Black Smudge Pencil
* Pritt Glue stick
* Black background mix (Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in black, LA Girl Pro Primer & Essence Silver Pigment)
* Inglot shadows in navy blue, dark purple and pink
* Gosh 9 shades to have fun with in LA (green row)
* Makeup Forever White Star Dust Powder
* Rhinestones
* Eyelash Glue
* Selection of brushes

Step 1

Start with a clean face. I used my normal moisturiser and eye cream. Select the zipper and measure it on your face in the shape you want to create.

Step 2

Place zipper on face and with you black pencil mark out the area where you will create your galaxy. This might be tricky, but just place the start of the zipper and mark it, then do one side first and then the other. 

Step 3

Using the pritt glue, stick your eyebrow down. Don’t worry the glue will do nothing to your brow and washes out easily. While allowing it to dry you can mix your base for your galaxy. I used Maybelline 24 hr color tattoo and to make it a bit more fluid I added some LA Girl Pro Primer. I mixed that together and added some silver pigment to give the illusion of stars.

Step 4

Apply the black mixture all over the cornered off section and make sure that the whole section is covered totally. We don’t want any skin showing. I used a flat eyeshadow brush for this.

Step 5

Using the navy blue from Inglot and a blending brush, in circular motions, blend the blue into the area by your temple and over your forehead. Also add a little to the “V” section. Don’t take it all the way to the edge. This is used as a transitioning colour to blend in the purples.

Step 6

Using the purples create your nebula's. You can place them where you like and in which ever shape you like. Using the darker purple, blend the lavender and blue together.

Step 7

We are now going to create the center of the nebula's with the light green from the Gosh palette. Again working in circular motions, blend the green into the purples. I also added some green to the “V” just to make it pop and also over the eyebrow to form a trail of stars.

Step 8

Apply your everyday makeup to the other side of your face. 

Step 9

To create the stars you will use a small lip liner brush and dipping it into the white Makeup Forever star dust powder, dot little stars. Again remember this doesn’t have to be perfect and symmetrical because this is your own galaxy. I created one large star on the temple.

Step 10

Now to have fun and give the look a 3D appearance. Using eyelash glue, stick rhinestones in different shapes and sizes to your face. Place one large clear one on the star and then smaller ones all over. With this you can have fun and place then where you want it.

Finish the look

To finish the look, line your eye with black liner and apply mascara. You can also add false lashes if you want. Then for the piece that brings it all together, take either eyelash glue or pritt and stick the zipper in place. You will have to hold it there till it sticks. Work in sections. Then you are done.

I hope you enjoyed this look. I would love to find out what other looks you would like me to create? Why not leave me a comment below. Check out next week for something a little more fun!

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