Wednesday, 28 October 2015

How I Find What Makes Me Happy Again...

Lately life has really been getting me under. Days where I burst out crying for nothing and days where I feel like I could sleep forever. But you have to put your big girl panties on and deal with life. I wanted to share with you some of the things I do to get myself out of the slump I’m in and that instantly make me happy again.

Cuddling with Robbie.

To have that one on one time with my special little person instantly puts a smile on my face. Feeling his little arms around my neck makes my heart burst with love. Realizing that there will forever be one person who will love you no matter what.

Watching a Disney movie.

You are never too old for a Disney movie. Especially Beauty and the Beast, Cars, Planes, Cinderella and Tinkerbell. I love to get lost in the magic of Disney.

Watching movies starring my favorite actors – Theo James and Chris Pratt.

No one compares to these two. Theo James with his smouldering looks and cheeky smile and Chris Pratt with his charm and sense of humour. It definitely helps when I am down. Marathons of Divergent, Insurgent, Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxies.

Reading a book.

Another way to escape from reality. Instead of intoxicating my body with alcohol I would rather get lost in a good book. I love anything from Young Adult to suspense.

Listening to music.

I love my music and with over 1200 songs on my iPhone, there is definitely no shortage on music. I have from the sad songs to the most upbeat songs. From the Beetles to One Direction, my music is diverse as anything. Putting my earphones in and just dancing around is a sure fire way to cheer me up. Here are some of my favorite songs right now.

Cup of English Breakfast tea and cucumber sandwiches.

We all have that one meal and drink that will makes us happy and mine definitely is the simple cuppa and a cucumber sandwich. No crusts and no milk.

Having catch ups with family.

I don’t see my family a lot but just something as simple as a phone call can make the world of difference. Or even a funny voice note on Whatsapp. It is just connecting with people who understand you and accept you for who you are.

Reading my favorite blogs.

This is one of the things that instantly makes me happy. To see all the beautiful pictures and reading all the beautiful stories makes my heart glad. I love seeing people achieve their dreams and seeing others happy ultimately makes me happy.

A long hot shower.

I don’t like to bath, so a hot shower does the trick for me. It is also the place I can cry and release all the built up tension without upsetting my little man. When I get out of the shower my head is clear and I am ready to face the world again.

Doing arts and crafts.

I love creating things even it is something as simple as a mask for Robbie. Just taking my mind off the issues and concentrating on the task at hand makes me happy. And seeing his little face light up with joy at the new thing mommy created for him is the best feeling in the world.


How does this not make anyone happy? This is where I get my inspiration from for my blog and DIY. Pretty pictures are my addiction and this has to be the most used app on my phone, my camera roll can vouch for that.


When all of the above doesn’t work I go outside and look up at the night sky. All the stars make me realize just how small we are. It also makes me realize that sometimes the problems you face aren’t really that big as they may seem and that you just need to face them from a new angle. That way you will find a solution that you never thought you would.

I would love to hear what some of things are that you do to make yourself happy and to get yourself out of slump, so why not comment below. 

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