Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Revlon ColorBurst Matte & Lacquered Balms

I seriously am not a lover of lipstick or lipgloss, but I fell in love with these when I received the 135 Provocateur one as a gift from my mom. Ok the colour doesn’t suit me but the texture and feel is amazing. Let’s have a look at the one product that took me from nude lips to coloured lips.


Revlon Colorburst Lacquered and Matte Balms are made with triple butters of Shea, Mango and Coconut. The matte balms have a velvety colour that give it the matte look and the lacquered has a high shine colour to make the lips sparkle. They both come in a retractable crayon and in 10 different shades.

Main Benefit

With three different butters, your lips are kept extra smooth. There is also a hint of minty sensation when you apply the lacquered balms. You have the convenience of a lip balm and they amazing colour pay off too. The colours are vibrant and there is definitely one too suit anyone.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquered Balm in 145 Ingenue 
Ease of use

These balms come in a retractable crayon form and are easy to apply like a pencil. The mechanism is sturdy and won’t break easily. You can use it as a liner and to fill in your lips. The cap is sturdy and I can assure you won’t come off in your handbag. I would suggest with the matte to exfoliate your lips first as the matte shows of the capped skin more prominently.

Who would the product suit

If like me you don’t like wearing lipstick and lipgloss, then this is the product for you. There is no sticky residue of lipgloss but you also get the colour of a lipstick with a moisturising effect. Definitely a product I would recommend to anyone.

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquered Balm in 135 Provocateur

10 amazing colours in Matte and Lacquered
Retractable crayon
Extremely moisturising
Great colour payoff

Active ingredients

Shea Butter ~ is great for the treatment of dry and cracked lips.
Mango Butter ~ rich in Vitamin E and A as well as Antioxidants, Mango butter is great for cell regeneration.
Coconut Butter ~ makes lips super soft and kissable.

Revlon ColorBurst Matte in 215 Shameless
Product Packaging

The Matte Balms come in 10 beautiful matte retractable crayons and the Lacquered Balms come in 10 glossy retractable crayons.

My Thoughts

I absolutely cannot get enough of these balms. They give me the colour of lipstick but also the moisture of lip balm. Easy to use and that minty sensation from the lacquered balms is amazing. These are bound to last long, but I will definitely be buying them again.

(L to R ~ Ingenue, Shameless and Provocateur)

RSP R 145 each from Red Square and retailers nationwide.



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