Friday, 20 November 2015


Love your own beauty

Yesterday while surfing the net, I came across an article that I found very interesting and agree with 100%. Bobbi Brown, world renowned makeup artist, is taking a stand against the contouring world as well as women using Botox and fillers to enhance facial features and remove lines and wrinkles. Many leading makeup artist are standing with her and I have to say that I couldn’t agree more.

In the article Bobbi says that we need to stop contouring our faces and embrace the face we were given. Most of us weren’t born with prominent cheek bones or chiselled jaws but using darker contouring products to create the illusion we do, only makes it look like dirt on our face. I fully agree with what Bobbi is saying. Many times I have watched tutorials about contouring and have always thought that it looks unnatural. Even last night I was watching a vlogger apply a darker shade to the hollows of her cheeks in a bid to create cheek bones. And no matter how hard she tried to blend it, it looked dirty, like she hadn’t bathed or had forgot to wash her neck and cheeks.

I myself have tried numerous times to create the contouring effect but always ended up looking like a clown no matter how hard I try to blend it. I have tried using cream products and powder products but nothing works. So I finally embraced my natural face shape and also embraced strobing. Which is much easier to get right then contouring.

Now to the other matter Bobbi is protesting, namely Botox, lip fillers and makeup to create larger brows. My stand on this is that if you look after your skin when you are young, you wouldn’t need to have Botox injections. My mom taught me from a very young age to properly cleanse and take care of my skin. I also learnt from both my grandmothers to embrace your wrinkles. I see women stressing out over a few laugh lines, wanting to get Botox immediately and I honestly can’t help but laugh. It is all the stressing over getting wrinkles that is going make you end up with a face full of them before you reach 40.

I am 28 and almost every day I get mistaken for being younger. Thing is I don’t worry about wrinkles and how I will look when I am 50. My philosophy has always been that I will take care of my skin and in turn my skin will thank me. Do I use products that will combat anti-aging? Yes but I would never even consider Botox. When the first wrinkles start to show, I’ll welcome them. It means that I have enjoyed my life and laughed every day. 

And about the lip fillers and bigger brows? We all want the Cara and Lily brows but unfortunately we either over plucked ours or we just weren’t born with them. Does it mean that I am going to go and draw large caterpillars over my eyes? Hell no! To me I would rather just work with what I have. Same goes for the lips. I personally can’t stand those super large lips like Angelina’s and think that when ladies over draw them, it looks tacky. Almost like that 90’s trend of lining your lips with a dark brown pencil. Ew! Rather accentuate a feature like your eyes to draw attention away from your small lips.

Ladies we really need to embrace and accept the facial features we were born with. Love your own beauty and stop trying to be like others. We are all beautiful and trying to look like some or other celeb, only ends up making you look like a clown or even worse a Kardashian wannabe. Let’s embrace our own beauty and show our children that there are things more valuable in this world than looking like someone else. Show them to shine from the inside out!

To the ladies with the high cheek bones, stunning brows and full lips, I envy you. But I have accepted my face and my body the way it is. Every woman should read Bobbi Brown’s book Pretty Powerful. It will help to accept who you are and work with what you have!

Ladies, I have owned my own beauty, have you? Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic!


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