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I love my music, so when I saw this post on the internet about choosing songs to represent times in your life, I knew I had to do it. I'm inquisitive and kept reading different ideas surrounding the post until I came across this one. I hope you enjoy it and will do it too.

Song you listen to when you are happy?

Perfect - One Direction

When this song comes on it is like euphoria in my brain. I don't know if it is the melodies or hearing how my four favorite singers have grown that makes me happy. 

Song you listen to when you are sad?

Yesterday - Leona Lewis

This is the one song that will always bring back the memories of my life with my ex. The words just break my heart every time I hear them. They can take tomorrow and the plans we made | They can take the music that we never played | all the broken dreams, take everything | just take it away but they can never have yesterday.
Song you will play at your wedding?

Never Stop (Wedding version) - Safetysuit
There is and will never be a more beautiful love song. The words are precious and this is exactly how a man needs to treat his woman. This song really gives me chills all the way down my spine! I will never stop trying | I will never stop watching as you leave | I will never stop losing my breath | every time I see you looking back at me.

Song you dance around the house to?

Sorry - Justin Bieber

I am loving Justin's new music. This song and What do you mean have such catch beats that you seriously cannot help but dance to them.
Song you play on your headphones when you are out and about?

Life is a highway - Rascal Flatts

When I am out and about I usually have this song on repeat. This is Robbie's favorite song and it definitely reminds me of him when he is at school. He will go around the house singing this song and I even have to wake him up with it in the mornings.
What song do you listen to when you are angry?

This is the new shit - Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson screaming and the sound turned up loud enough to burst your ear drums, this is the perfect song for when you are angry. Or basically just any MM song for that matter. 
The song that will play at my funeral?

The funeral - Band of Horses

I think the reason I choose this song is not for title but more for the emotions it evokes. I cry like a baby every time I hear it. Now I know you don't want to cry more than usual at a funeral but I love this song so much! 
Song that makes you lose your shit at a party?

Fist Pump Jump Jump - Ying Yang Twins ft Greg Tecoz

I first heard this song on Pitch Perfect 2 sitting in the cinema, wanting to jump out of my chair, and when we left I was still singing it. It is super catchy and really just wants to make you jump jump.
Last song you listened to?

Heart by Heart - Demi Lovato

I absolutely love Demi and The Mortal Instruments movie. This song is powerful and somehow always ends up on shuffle. It plays so much even Robbie know the words and that it comes from the vampire movie mommy. 
My karaoke song?

Piece of me - Britney Spears

The princess of pop will always be my number 1 choice when choosing a song to sing at karaoke! Do you want a piece of me? 

Song I exercise to?

5 More hours - Deorro & Chris Brown
Exercise? What is that? I hope it is edible! But seriously when I am exercising no one artist gets me more pumped up than C Breezy! I love this song and New Flame so much that they are constantly on repeat.
Song with the most memories attached to it?

No One - Alicia Keys

This was my ex and mines special song. It took me a long time after we broke up to be able to listen to it again but I can finally listen to it and cherish the good times we had together. 
Song that makes you cry?

Too close for comfort - McFly

How do I describe this song? So many hidden meanings but I honestly can't explain so I will just leave the lyrics. Was I invading in on your secrets? | Was I too close for comfort? | You were pushing me out | when I wanted in | What was I just about to discover? | When I got too close for comfort | Driving you home | guess I'll never know.

Song you hate the most?

Hotline bling - Drake

What a load of shit and the fact that his dancing is crap makes this song even worse! I love most of Drake's songs, but this one is just NO!!!!!
Favorite song of all time?

Hotel California - The Eagles

Guitar riffs that go on for days. vocals that are out of this world and the best music ever made. The Eagles are one of the bands that I am glad my dad exposed me to at a young age. If this song comes on the radio or on shuffle, the volume will always be turned up full. Not only is this the best piece of music I have ever heard but it reminds me of my dad.
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