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One of my favorite past times is reading blogs. I love finding new blogs as well as reading some old favorites. This year has been filled with reading blogs from all over the globe as well as really awesome ones from right here in SA. Here are my favorite blogs from 2015.

Luzanne’s blog has to be my absolute favorite. I love the way she writes as well as her photos. She really gives her honest opinion on products and I appreciate that about her. My favorite posts on her blog definitely has to be New Products Launching. Finding out about products that will be launching soon is a great way to know how much I need to save at the end of the month.  Pink Peonies is definitely a blog that I have to read every day without fail and one you should be reading too.

If you are looking for a blog about a beautiful family and a beautiful person, then Caley’s blog is a must read. Caley’s blog shares all the adventures of raising two beautiful children and also how much she admires and loves her husband. Caley is an amazing friend and an even more amazing mother and wife. Caley has inspired me so much and I enjoy watching her beautiful daughters grow into gorgeous little ladies just like their mother. Love you Cals!

I found Ella Grace’s blog only a few months ago but I simply can’t get enough of her stunning pictures. Ella Grace’s blog is clean and crisp and she lets the photos and the words do the talking. Her posts are insightful and it is one blog that I will continue reading.

Hannah’s blog is quirky and fun. She is really funny that is evident in her writing style. I love her list posts and her honesty. I also have to say that Hannah inspires me to accept my body the way it is and to dress for my body shape. You need Hannah’s blog in your life, trust me!

If you have watched makeup tutorials on YouTube, you will definitely know Lauren Curtis. She is an amazing makeup artist from Australia and has recently launched her own blog called Love, Loz. Lauren shares her tips on makeup, beauty and lifestyle. Love, Loz is definitely a blog you need to read daily!

I have to admit that I only started reading Irina’s blog about three months ago and I wish I had started reading it sooner. Irina is stylish and beautiful. Her blog is easy to read and one of the blogs that make me feel warm and fuzzy. I love her beauty posts as well her fashion posts. You really need to read Irina’s blog.

I would love to know your favorite blogs that you read all the time, so why not leave me a comment down below! 
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