Wednesday, 2 December 2015


This year I have discovered so many amazing Instagrammers. From the seriously beautiful to the goofy ones. The ones who inspire me to take more beautiful photos and the ones who me to reach for the stars. Here are my favorites of 2015!

1. Loey Lane

I love following Loey's Instagram page as she is a true inspiration. After hearing that curvy girls shouldn't wear bikinis, Loey posted photos on Instagram showing why we should, posing in various different bikinis. She gives me so much motivation to be exactly who I am and to never let anyone stand in my way! 

2. Harper and Harley

Fashion Bloggers is my weakness and I cannot get enough of Sara from Harper and Harley. Sara is flawless and it shows in her Instagram posts. Her minimalist theme is not only carried from her blog but also in her photos on Insta. Sara is a true style icon.

3. Pink Peonies

Luzanne is someone I really look up to in the blogging world. She is an amazing person and her photos are always so vibrant and capture the product so well. If you want to spend an hour or four drooling over products definitely head to Luzanne's Instagram.

4. Every Little Thing 07

Another beauty blogger I admire is Ella Grace from Every Little Thing 07. I can stalk her instagram feed for hours as the photos are just so perfect to look at. It is like she takes her photos on the clouds, that is the only way I can describe them, and makes me want to buy everything now!

5. Brett Robson

Brett is an brilliant fashion blogger from my favorite town in the world, Durban. What I love about her instagram feed is that you get to experience her travels with her. Brett travels for her career and the photos prove she has the best job ever. 

6. Tom Fletcher

We all know Tom from McFly and also from McBusted. If you don't where have you been? Anyway Tom is the guitarist and also dad to super cute Buzz. (Yes he is named after Buzz Lightyear) Father and son duo make super cute instagram photos and videos. Buzz is super adorable and is definitely going to be a musician like dad. Toms instagram will make anyone happy. 

7. Mollie Manning

Another beauty blogger who makes me want to run out to the shop after looking at her photos. Mollie's is a photographer so it is easy to see why her pictures look so stunning. Her blog is just as stunning and is one you should be reading often.

8. Look it's Carina

Carina is funny and really beautiful. Her insta feed is full of beautiful photos as well as tongue in cheek photos. She also has a blog and is planning her wedding so you can catch up on her adventures about planning her beautiful day on there as well as Instagram.

9. Milk Bubble Tea

If like me you love looking at whimsical photos then look no further than Becky's instagram. Her theme is soft with whites and pastel colours, full of bokeh and it is just beautiful. Her cute little dachshund makes an appearance too! 

These are the bloggers who I have loved for 2015 and I cannot wait to see their photos in 2016. I would love to find out who your favorite Instagrammers are so why not leave me a comment below. 

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