Friday, 18 December 2015


Vloggers, 2015
YouTube is my favorite thing to do when I have had a bad day or when I am emotional. I usually watch fail videos but my favorite thing to watch are videos from my favorite vloggers. I love makeup tutorials and will always learn something new. I also love daily vlogs. These are my favorite vloggers of 2015.

Vloggers, 2015, Pointless blog

Alfie is super funny and I love catching up with his daily vlogs. From running errands with him to the funny videos of him eating weird sweets and foods. I also absolutely adore his videos with Zoe and their friends. A laugh a second with them.

Vloggers, 2015, Zoella

Ah Zoe. Her vlog makes me feel warm and fuzzy. She does amazing makeup tutorials and I love her hauls. Again I love the vlogs she does with Alfie and their friends. Catching up with her on her daily adventures just shows that they live normal lives like us.

Vloggers, 2015, Sprinkle of Glitter

Louise is a mommy and I think that is why I connect so much with her. I love catching up on her daily adventures as well as her beauty hauls and bedroom tours. What also draws me to her is that she accepts who she is and doesn’t let anyone drag her down. She shows her daughter how to be strong and how to make all your dreams come true.

Vlogger, 2015, Taylor Made

Le’Chelle is a South African beauty blogger and vlogger from Cape Town. I love her makeup tutorials and how funny she is. She shares her love for beauty and lifestyle on her blog and on YouTube. You definitely need to check her out. Oh and I take no responsibility if you become obsessed with her, like I am!

Vlogger, 2015, Lauren Curtis

I have been watching Lauren’s videos for like years. Lauren inspired me to become a makeup artist and her vlogs helped me when I struggled to master certain techniques. I also love her vlogs where she lets us into her life. I will always be a huge fan of Lauren and I would recommend you go and watch her vlogs.

Theses are my favorite vloggers of 2015. I would love to check out some more, so why not leave me a comment below and I will be sure to go check them out. 
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