Monday, 21 December 2015


Robbie is particularly hard to shop for, for a number of reasons. He wants everything, he can't decide what to choose when given a choice and forever wants things that he already has. So this year I have decide to buy him things that will teach him things rather than useless toys. I did give in on a few useless toys but there are mostly educational toys.

1. 4M Kidz LAB Tyrannosaurus Rex | Toys R Us | R 129.90

Robbie love Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. He know every dinosaurs name and what they are meant to look like.

2. Hot Wheels Color Shifters | Toys R Us | R 179.90

Ok so I have given in with this one. Robbie loves Hot Wheels and has over 300 already but these are color shifters and I know he doesn't have a lot of those.

3. Star Wars Assorted Masks | Toys R Us | R 149.90

He has only just recently discovered Star Wars and now all he talks about is Star Wars. He always wants to be a storm trooper, and this mask will make his year. Now just to get the light saber.

4. 10 in 1 Game House | Toys R Us | R 399.90

I want to teach Robbie all the games I used to play as a child. Many memories were filled with family around the table playing games.

5. BanBao Police Series 1285 Pc | Toys R Us | R 749.90

I have always believed Lego block help children. It builds imagination and helps with hand eye coordination. Robbie loves his Lego's and will love this set.

6. Turtles Linticular Puzzle | Makro | R 69.00
Robbie has been building puzzles since he was 2. He is brilliant at building them plus he love the turtles. This puzzle will keep him busy for a long time.
7. Intex Surf n Slide | Toys R Us | R 1299.95
My water baby loves swimming. It is even a struggle to get him out of the bath at night.  We don't have a swimming pool so I thought this would be a better alternative. 
8. 4M Kidz LABS Solar System | Toys R Us | R 149.90
As a child I was always facinated with the solar system. And I thought because Robbie loves aliens and Star Wars, this would be great for him. He can learn about the planets and let his imagination run away with him.
9. My Music Drum Set | Toys R Us | R 299.90
Music is a big thing in our house and Robbie absolutely loves it. You can sing any song and he will automatically start singing when you stop. I thought these kiddie drums would be great for him to start with, if that is the career he would like to get into later in life. Always start them young. 
These are just a few of the gifts that will be educational for boys. No doubt there is more but Robbie is picky. If you know of any other gifts please let me know in the comments below. 
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