Wednesday, 30 December 2015


2015 has been a year of ups and downs. But one thing I will take away from this year is the lessons that I learnt. The biggest lesson I learnt this year is to be grateful for the things you have in your life. To say thanks every day.

Choose your friends wisely

Sometimes people only want to use you for their own gain. I have remove lots of these so called friends from my life in the last 6 months. I can honestly say that it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Stay away from drama

Not that drama followed me where ever I went but in an office full of ladies it is easy to get caught up in it. I have eased myself out of friendships with colleagues and keep it strictly professional. I also keep out of family drama and no longer want to be associated with negative attitudes.

Enjoy every moment

One day we will look back and realise it was the little things that matter. I no longer look for the bigger things in life. Rather I cherish the smaller things in life. Like Robbie laughing at the dogs or spending time playing with his cars.

Spend time with the ones who mean the most to you

Spending time with my family is really important to me. Especially Robbie, my dad, my mom and my grandparents.  The time I spend with my grandparents is especially valuable to me as I don’t get to see them often. I have learnt to spend more time with them.

Spend money on experiences rather than material objects

My home doesn’t have the best furnishings or the best electronics, but there is love. I have also learnt that I would rather spend my money on experiences that will create memories rather than material things that can be destroyed.

Look after your body and face

When I was younger I thought I didn’t have to put too much effort into looking after myself. But in the last couple of years I have learnt that I need to treat my body right if I want to look good at 60. I have learnt that moisturizer is your best friend, never forget about your neck (it gives away your age), drink water and everything in moderation.

Always laugh in every situation

When times get tough, rather than cry and sulk, I always find a way to laugh. It is the only thing that makes me happy again. I watch epic fails and ridiculousness. Or I play outside with Robbie. As long as I’m laughing, nothing can get me under.

Forgive people who have hurt you

This year was the year I have forgiven my ex. Not for everything, as some things just can’t be forgiven but for most part I have washed away the hurt. I have also forgiven people for the silly things I was upset about because it doesn’t harm them it is only harming me.

Trust your own instincts

I have had to learn how to trust my gut. Many times I have had a bad feeling about something and have dismissed it because others thought it was ok. But it only ends in disaster. So I have now decided to trust myself and if it doesn’t feel right I’m not going to do it anymore.

Love yourself

This is one I have struggled with for a while. I always feel like I’m not good enough or not pretty enough and it was really draining. Then I decided that if people didn’t like me the way I am then they know where the door is. I have made peace with who I am and how I look and I have started loving myself and all aspects of myself.

I hope you have learnt some lessons in 2015. If you would like to share them comment below. 

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