Wednesday, 27 January 2016


My favorite thing about being on the beach is the way my hair naturally forms beachy waves. Now since I don't live near the beach and our annual Margate holiday is only in September, I needed to get those beachy waves somehow. I know I could have just gone to the shop and bought Sea Salt Spray but I thought I would make my own. The results are amazing. 
What you will need
* 1 cup of Sea Salt
* 2 tbs of gel
* 450 ml of hot water
* 3 drops of lavender essential oils
* 500 ml spray bottle with mist nossle
* Into your hot water, mix in your 1 cup of sea salt and mix until all the salt is dissolved.
* Once the salt is dissolved you will need to add in your gel. This you will also have to mix till all is dissolved. The gel is added to keep the beachy waves in your hair.
* Leave the mixture to cool and then add the 3 drops of Lavender essential oil. I used lavender because I love the smell but you could use any essential oil you desire.
* All you need to do now is transfer the mixture into your spray bottle and voila you have made your own Surf Spray. 
You can use this after you have washed your hair by spraying it onto towel dried hair and then leaving to dry or you can spray it on dry hair. Remember to use your hand to scrunch your hair to form the waves.
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