Friday, 15 January 2016


We all love candles, from the pillar candles to the cult favorite, Yankee candles. I saw this idea on Pinterest not too long ago and just thought it was the coolest idea ever. Many times all the old teacups either break or are given away. But rather than doing that, why not make them into beautiful smelling candles. 

What you will need

* Candle wax (I used normal white candles that I then chopped up)
* Essential oils 
* Wicks
* Teacups (I didn't have any so I bought a few from @Home)
* Double boiler
* Pegs


* Firstly you will need to create a double boiler. I did this by using two old pots. Placing water in the larger one and suspending the other one over it. 

* Once the water is at a boil, add the wax to the smaller pot, melting the wax slowly.

* Remove the melted wax from the boiler and let it sit for a few seconds. You can now add your essential oils. We don't want to add the essential oils while the pot is on the boiler as this will burn the essential oils. Just remember we don't want it too overpowering so only add a few drops then stir. Smell if it is strong enough.

* Position you cups in a place where they will not be moved or disturbed. Then slowly pour the wax in the cups.

* Once you have poured the wax in, gently put the wicks in. Remember to use a wick with a base on the end. This will keep the wick stable. 

* To suspend the wick from above till the candle is solid, use two pegs or chop sticks and lay across the top of the teacup

* Once your candle is solid, you can cut off the extra wick. Cut it 1 cm from the top of the candle.

* Burn and use when desired and let the essential oils work their magic.

Teacup candle, ingredients

This is such a beautiful candle that can be given as a birthday present or a Mother's Day gift. I hope you create lots of candles with your old teacups.

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