Friday, 22 January 2016


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I saw this trend on Twitter last year November and at first I was super skeptical but it kinda grew on me. I don't know if it is just the glitter that I love so much or if it is the whole look that has grown on me. I think this look is great for summer or if you are going to a festival and I can be you we will see this at Coachella or Ultra in the coming months. I have done a DIY on how to make your own glitter gel.

Glitter Gel

You will need

* Gel (Any kind will do
* Glitter (different colours)
* Mixing bowl and spoon
* Container to store gel in (I bought mine at plastic warehouse)


* In your mixing bowl measure out enough gel to fill your storage container.

* Then it is time to get creative with the glitter. You can choose a colour scheme or just go wild. Whatever floats your boat. I wanted a unicorn color so I mixed blue, pink, purple and a little bit of white in.

* Mix it all together well and transfer into your container. And that's it, your glitter gel is ready for use.

And here is a collage of the different ways you can use this gel. Be creative and just have fun!

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